The Dove: Assignment: London - March, 2018


Damn! I didn’t think of that, Johnny! :flushed: Oh well, I guess I’ll have to check it out next trip… Thanks! :slightly_smiling_face::+1:t2:


Nice pics Dove. Looks like a grand trip. I’m heading back the end of May myself.

EDIT: HMS Belfast was where the DMC book launch was done, but I was in London (well, leaving at Heathrow) when Daniel was announced and I believe it was on the President not the Belfast.


Well it isn’t a movie theatre anymore of course (hasn’t been since the very early 80s) and if you didn’t know where it was it’s easy to have no idea it was even there;’
It’s part of the Trocadero now but the facade is all still there


Portland Place actually. Regent Street stops before it.

That said, I wasn’t aware of that connection. Thank you.


Oh, you could be right about the H.M.S. President, Bryce…ahh well it was at the Belfast where the Marines picked him up and jetted him down the Thames…lol Enjoy your trip in May!

Simon, thanks for the correction about the Langham at Portland Place…I don’t think I was paying too much attention to the street signs once I found the hotel…lol!


Lovely pics, @TheDove, makes me want to take a trip and get a little London air of myself. Thank you for sharing.


(More to come, Dustin and once I get my photos of the Bond in Motion exhibit organized into Flickr or Instagram, I’ll put a link to them as well.)IMG_7322

M wanted me to pick up a parcel at Harrods but things are quite steep there as far as price, so I spent the time just wandering through the shop and drooling…:smile:


Good to see that Mr. Silva really hadn’t destroyed the place…lol!



I ventured to Marble Arch one day, to visit the hotel where my family first stayed when we first moved to London and wanted to see where the Marble Arch ODEON was (which is where I remember very well seeing Tomorrow Never Dies when it was first released in 1997)…Alas, it’s no longer there and some new luxury apartments or town homes are are going up in it’s place.



This what the Marble Arch ODEON used to look like, for reference.



The Cineworld at Leicester Square…I’m pretty certain this is where I got to have my first Bond cinematic experience in 1995 when I was fortunate enough to attend a preview screening of Goldeneye.


I wonder if M, Q and Moneypenny were dining here that day? :thinking: I would have gone in for a cocktail or two but had other things going on that I had to get to…Oh well, next time perhaps…lol.


What a wonderful day to become a Knight!


Will you be using your title, Mr. Graves? Ahh you know me, I’m proud of my adopted nation but I never stand on ceremony! :smile:


And with that, Mr. Graves and Co. rushed off as they didn’t want to keep the Queen waiting…:sunglasses:


Looks like a great trip Dove. I’ve been to London a few times. I was there over Christmas in 2013. It was strangely warm (~50-ish degrees F), but it rained and there was howling wind. Still enjoyed myself though. Good fun, London.


Since I mentioned my sazarac, I had actually returned to dine there too.

Unfortunately, we were not sat at M’s table…

A wonderful experience though, nonetheless.


Looks like an excellent trip, Dove.


Thanks everyone, it was a great trip. :slightly_smiling_face: Simon, glad to hear that you got a chance to dine at Rules. My parents have eaten there a few times before and they loved it… Hopefully next time I’ll do so myself and will be partaking in a sazerac myself.

I have all my photos from the Bond In Motion exhibit up on Flickr now. Just click on the pic to see them…(apologies that some of them are a bit blurry…hard to take good photos all the time when the lighting is not great) LOL
Bond in Motion - March 26th, 2018