The Gray Man (Netflix)

Who needs Bond when Netflix wants to launch its own spy franchise.

Ryan Gosling and Chris Evans are set to star in The Gray Man, with AGBO’s Joe & Anthony Russo directing their first blockbuster since setting the all-time global box office record with Avengers: Endgame two years ago. The intention here is to create a new franchise with a James Bond level of scale and a budget upward of $200 million.


“We’re going to usurp James Bond” - every spy franchise since 62.

The fact they all keep saying that, almost 60 years on, would suggest they may not have been successful…


e.g.: NICK CARTER “Out-Bonds James Bond!”
Really. I’ve read two of them - cheap, derivative pap.
I’ll expect more from Gosling, Evans and Netflix, but not a series to rival 007. Tom Cruise is already busy at that, and Bourne has already run his course. (Besides, when is this going to happen? Watching Ryan and Chris spy on each other on the internet while getting their briefing via Zoom lacks a certain zing.)

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My opinion… Bond’s advantage is that it has been reinventing/refreshing itself for 60 years and became a tradition with older generations which then passed the passion to younger ones.

You can make a dent at it like Bourne but in the long run they end up getting tired and worn out.

It’s almost impossible to recreate Bond nowadays to that extent without people feeling it’s forced. Mission Impossible is really the only thing that comes close but it’ll have the true test when Tom retires.


I don’t see how it’s a competition. Any movie that comes along and makes a dent in the spy genre converting the casual movie goer into liking it means more such movies will be made. It’s a huge win for us all.

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Agreed. If the market can support 12 thousand superhero franchises, there’s room for more spy series. And if they can crank 'em out faster than one every 5 years, maybe it’ll light a fire under Eon. Competition is a good thing.


The character of Court Gentry will be a fresh addition to the genre, especially with the Russo Brothers at the helm.

Light a fire under them not to be handcuffed to the distributor that can’t distribute and can only provide pay when they ask another studio? Really don’t get fandoms odd insistence that being tied to a failing studio (following a decision Saltzman made nearly 50 years ago) is just EON not trying hard enough.

And 10…last year there were 10 superhero movies. Out of the 786 movies released in 2019, it was 10 superhero movies. Can we avoid hyperbole please.

Interesting tidbit: there are only 5 superhero films the have ever been aiming for 2020, whilst there are 6 spy films.

Cause all the other 776 movies enjoyed the same fan fare as those 10 super hero movies right ? Look at the top 50 movies on the Highest grossing films list. Most of the marvel movies made the cut. Only 4 of 50 are not commercial CGI fest’s. The more spy thrillers that will bring interest to the genre the better.

4 out of the top 10 were superheroes last year (though The Joker is a bit of a push)

You’ll notice there’s a much more common mouse eared feature in the top 10…

Where’s the fun in that? This is the internet. But my point is superhero flicks are to this decade what spy films were to the 60s.

But I plead guilty to jumping on the “Eon’s too slow” bandwagon for no good reason. I can’t honestly say I’m that interested in seeing NTTD, any more than I was SP or SF before it. I’m much more entertained by the M:I films in recent years, and by those superhero flicks I took a swipe at. And none of those involve anticipation: they’re here, they’re fun, they’re gone.

If I’m honest with myself, I’m hoping they do release NTTD at a time I can skip it with the excuse of staying safe. Otherwise I’ll end up back in the theater anyway despite my lack of interest, perpetuating the law of diminishing returns for no other reason than not wanting to break a 40+ year streak of seeing every Bond in the cinema. You know you’re getting old when the ruling force in your life is inertia.

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