The Great 007 hand-to-knee-to-cosh Combat Challenge

Our chap Bond is famous for a number of things which wouldn’t meet with the traditional bible’s unequivocal approval. Above all, nearly synonymous with ‘Bond, James Bond’, is his 007 monicker - this guy has no use for the sixth commandment (and his relationship to the others seems a little shady, too).

Like any medium grade civil servant Bond is properly equipped for his assignment - only they didn’t give him stamp and ink pad since his duty calls for considerably deeper impression. And yet, remarkably often circumstances and situations don’t allow for the use of high end tools against Bond’s opposition and 007 has to resort to traditional batter, bluntly put.

Out of this narrative drive result some of the most suspenseful and epic fights in film history, fierce and brutal confrontations, ingeniously choreographed, artfully staged and filmed, driving the audience to the edge of the seat - and inspiring generations of playground re-enactments.

Bond fights represent state-of-the-art suspense and action cinema. Now we want to find the definite fan favourite of 007’s fisticuffs, from the first punch thrown in DR NO to the last kick of SPECTRE.

Rules are as follows:

Fights considered involve hand-to-hand combat such as fisticuffs, martial arts, knife or sword or furniture. Bond need not be involved himself, nor must an adversary end up dead.

Fights are broken down into the eras of the respective ‘official’ Bond actors. The two favourite fights will then enter the final round. Should two or more fights end up with the same number of votes I will toss a coin.

Marie Kondo’s razor: Fights are limited to a maximum of four per film and qualify by import/significance on the plot so as not to clutter the competition.

DEADLINE: polls are open till 26. October 2020, noonish GMT.


Thanks Dustin. :+1:

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My favourite fights are:
The elevator scrap in DAF, it’s arguably a very real depiction of two middle aged men going at it. Smashed glass and all.
Bond against machete in a hotel corridor in CR bloody brilliant and a real sense of danger.
Thirdly a small scrap inside a burning car in TLD it’s the headbutt that seals it for me.


Thanks so much Dustin.

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