The Guardian - post your questions for Daniel Craig


Going through the comments it’s interesting how often Craig is asked whether he’d come back again.

Also funny:

Did you ever read one the James Bond novels by Flemming?

The rumour-mill’s been going for years, the bookie’s odds change by the month, and new left-field actors seem to be popping into contention all the time. But I’d love your opinion - who do you think should be the next Dr Who?

When No Time to Kill comes out in the theatres, will you and Phoebe Waller-Bridge come to Tallahassee for lunch with me and my niece (who is training to be a writer, and adores PW-B)?

Do you think you could beat Tom Cruise over 50 metres and would you both do it for charity…

Did you have to seriously audition for Bond, or is the role just offered?

Do you wish Steve Coogan and Rob Brydon could imitate you as well as they do Roger Moore and Shaun Connery?


What’s Wikipedia?

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It‘s the best information because everybody can post on it.

(Michael Scott)

I don’t know what I’d ask Daniel. But I would like to thank him for his contribution to the series.

Bravo to whoever asked that!


Not sure if others saw this: