The Lazenby Fights - I’ll leave you to tidy up

  • Bond vs Draco’s thugs on the beach
  • Bond vs Draco’s thug in the hotel room
  • Bond vs Blofeld’s thug in the snow
  • Bond vs Blofeld/bob chase

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My pick is Bond vs. Che-Che (OHMSS) – a.k.a. the thug in the hotel room

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I still like Bond vs. Draco’s thugs on the beach. I can even stomach the “this never happened to the other fellow” line. Fits perfectly with Lazenby’s Bond.

Going with the majority here–the hotel room fight: a Bondian brawl tailored to Lazenby’s talent.

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I like them all, but the bob chase is exciting and original.

Quick reminder: polls are closing soon.

And that’s a wrap.

Winner with 10 votes is Bond against Che-Che, the hotel room thug.

Second place, 4 votes, is Bond vs Blofeld during the bob chase.