The man who almost was James Bond – John Gavin dies at 86


The man led an interesting life, that’s for sure.

I had always wondered if the plan was for him to do a British accent for Bond…

He certainly had the looks for it. RIP.

Sad to hear. Always to be one of the great “what if?” parts of the Bond legacy. My parents met him in Mexico back in the 80’s. His contributions beyond acting were quite impressive. RIP.

Curious side note–a few years after DAF, when Roger was ensconced as Bond, John Gavin was a celebrity guest on the U.S. daytime game show “Password.” One of the words he had to get his partner to guess was, believe it or not, “broccoli.” The clue he gave? “Saltzman.” His partner, a non-celeb, didn’t get it.

All true.


Cool actor and an interesting life, but I’m glad he wasn’t my “Password” partner.

Yeah, I think his subsequent clues were “Cubby,” “Dana,” “Danjaq,” and “Eon.” :rofl: