The November Man

The 2014 spy film starring Pierce Brosnan.

What did everyone think of it?

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I thought it was good. Not great but certainly good and I enjoyed it. I will definitely watch it again.

That sums it up pretty well. I don’t regret watching it, however it’s not a very good adaptation of the far superior 13-book book series by Bill Granger. Tailoring it to Brosnan gutted it of much of its more colorful DNA. In the books Devereaux is a world-weary but deadly American agent in his prime working for R Section. The books are more akin to the great Callan TV and book series, with lots of great action along with serious-minded espionage and tradecraft.

I saw it once all the way through, but the second time I couldn’t last the distance. The first half is fine, in my view, but the second is slow and really shows the evidence of itrs woefully low-budget. Most of the second half takes place in an interrogation room.

It’s a shame, as i had high hopes for it at the time. At the very least, it could have been a solid staight-to-DVD series of films. Pierce believed there were enough Bond fans who would be interested in seeing him in an action film again. I reckon there are such people, but the film didn’t really deliver.

It tanked, had bad reviews, and was only ever shown on one cinema screen in Britain.

I agree. I was entertained.

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