The Protégé (2021)

From director Martin Campbell:


I like the actors, I obviously like Campbell - but everything about this trailer is so bland and been there, done that. “From the studio that brought you John Wick”… Yep, that’s what they want to sell. Boring.

Brilliant cast and Campbell is a good director.

I’d put it on Netflix, or buy it if it was cheap, as it does look like a fun time…not going to to go out of my way to see it though.

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Great cast and Director, Looks fun. I’d happily go to the cinema to watch.

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Keaton is definitely unexpected in this kind of action role - not that he will have gone through the more bone-crushing circus moments, mind you. And the rest of the cast seem fairly fine at their game too. But how often have I seen this film before, 12 times, 20 times since KILL BILL?

No doubt it’s going to be great fun for action fans, nothing wrong with that. But it’s also the very reason why I feel a bit relieved that it’s not a Modesty Blaise adaptation - and why Modesty Blaise is probably as outdated now in this subgenre as Simon Templar.

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I think it looks pretty cool.

Keaton’s involvement makes me interested by default. And then there’s Martin Campbell as the director. I’ll give this a chance.

“He was a crook”

Campbell on MGM’s boss between LTK and Goldeneye.