The Rhythm Section (EON Productions)




This doesn’t sound good. . .


Man, what an incredible run of bad luck EON has had on this production!


Might be a sign to stick just with 007 productions.


Bonds not exactly a bed of roses right now


Wow. They probably banked on “Rhythm Section” being already completed, holding off the banks.

For EON filmmaking is not fun right now.


If they didn’t have Craig signed up for 25 I imagine the shareholders would be getting very nervous indeed right now. At least they can assume that once 25 finally rolls that’s money in the bank.


Even with the risk of not getting a Bond film for years - I think Craig and EON should say: forget it, we´re not doing it. MGM has to fold.


Yep! If not now then for sure when they recast. But it’ll probably carry on as is until the wheels completely fall off.


Man… Time to rewrite the music. Maybe the “Brass Section” should do the main chords. It worked for Barry.

Well, in film producing, there’s what’s called a ‘completion bond’ clause which is basically insurance for a production. Depending on how it is set up, the studio(s) and company are reimbursed for development and preproduction costs. It can vary depending on many factors and usually protects all the parties and in the case of a Chapter 11, it becomes a forfeit situation. FWIR, they were about a third (5-6 weeks) into principal shooting when Blake got injured. They went on shooting around her for a few weeks more and then paused for the holidays during which time BL was having surgery and hopefully on the mend. Alas, didn’t work out that way.

So, if they can, will they pick up and carry on with some script alterations, or just scrap it and see what can be recouped?

Anyway, yes. It’s a mess.


I thought they finished shooting TRS this summer and are now in post-production.


If she’s willing to go straight from one into another, she would be brilliant (as would their other non-Bond director, Paul McQuigan)


Well, that answers that then. I didn’t do any research and was working from memory. Hadn’t heard anything either. Well, in the can and wrapped… Maybe this latest financial issue is more long term and TRS is a last call.


The entices is on the maybe for me. Although she gets lots of plaudits for her cinematography, her directorial career seems to be in development. One or two notable tv shows and 2 movies with very mixed reviews.

I want to watch I Think We’re Alone Now and wait and see how TRS turns out before believing in her as a director (has anyone here seen the former movie yet?)

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From all the info coming from EON it seems they enjoy working with her, her tweet referencing family all quite EON , have they found their new John Glen?
Perhaps for Bond 26 and beyond but Danny Boyle forced the hand a little…
Stranger things have happened.


I wouldn’t sing kumbayah already - the “family” she is referring on will rather point towards the particular crew on that film, with EON naturally joining in. But the experience of making a film often leads to that sort of exclamation (if things went well or were so problematic that it made them all stick together in order to pull through).

If EON truly loved her she should be in the mix already. But her name never came up so far. Maybe she is happy to get a rest after all the stress on “The Rhythm Section”.

I would welcome every (good) director who really, really wants to do a Bond film and does not have to be persuaded because Bond usually is beneath their artistic pretensions.


Reed Morano just signed an exclusive deal with Amazon. Maybe her experience on this shoot put her off movies!

Or maybe a clue to her decision is this quote:

“…Unwavering support for the filmmaker’s vision.“

Looking at this through the lens of Danny Boyle, perhaps that’s a dig at micro-managing producers. Who knows!

Strangely the article talks about her CV, but fails to mention TRS at all.


What has this to do with Boyle?


This article contains no mention of the Rhythm Section whatsoever. I find this rather odd, Barbara Broccoli has a female led action thriller coming out soon and yet all interviews seem to want to talk about is a female Bond. Maybe it wasn’t appropriate in the context of the interview but just once I’d like to see a response along the lines of: “No, we aren’t doing a female Bond but we are doing the Rhythm Section with Blake Lively, do you want to talk about that instead?”


It’s alluded to, but not named, which is VERY odd - it’s on of those “last three projects (with) female directors” that are mentioned in passing