The Rhythm Section (EON Productions)


More casting news on this EON-produced would-be franchise starter starring Blake Lively.


Could it simply be that producing this film as a priority was the reason why BOND 25 was pushed to 2019?



I’m slightly curious to see this movie.



Here´s to a speedy recovery.


Extended filming hiatus due to Ms. Lively’s injury:



The crew being told to find other work is never a good thing :frowning:

The other thing too is that if it resumes production in 5-6 months that’s right when Bond 25 will be really gearing up, and there’s a lot of Bond crew working on that shoot.


Very weird this whole thing. They should be able to film around a hand injury. Cover story?


This is from her Instagram 6 days ago. Girl’s got something going on…


Whatever happened, it´s definitely a huge problem for her, EON and the whole crew.

Unless they have enough shot in order to use the time to edit - like they did on “Mission:Impossible - Fallout” when they had to shut down because of Cruise´s injury.


From a few reports I’ve read, they were just shy of the halfway point when this happened and just before production was going to break for the holidays and during that time, the first surgery was done with the expectation that she’d be on the mend, but able to continue. Now this news.

Daniel should be extra careful when Bond 25 starts up. it’s not been a good year for spy films and accidents with the leads.

Anyone heard any specifics on what exactly the injury was?


After an intense session of Google-Fu I couldn’t find out what the injury was, but based on pics of the kinds of splints she’s wearing it looks like they are stabilizing the wrist…



Good to hear! I’m looking forward to this film.