The movie came at the perfect time for both the series and Moore. I enjoy LALD, but TSWLM really allowed him to stamp his authority. And Moonraker doubled down on that.


Moore’s “007 Diaries: Filming Live and Let Die” is back in print in a limited edition hardcover. Available now at Amazon UK and Oct 1 Amazon US.


I saw that on Amazon last night.


As flawed as some of Sir Roger’s movies can be (007 or not), you can’t deny that he was always a charming writer. In particular with his own life adventures.


I’ll be getting this re-release for sure. I’ve never read this one.


Please, do. It´s a wonderful report on what happened during the shooting, in a way only Sir Roger could tell this story.


It’s brilliant. I bought it for about 1p off Amazon years ago. You’ll love it


I have two copies from 73. What a pity he didn`t keep it up through his entire run! I was expecting more of the same sort in My Word is My Bond or One Lucky Bastard (aka Last Man Standing), but what he did write about was not disappointing.

I was lamenting to my wife recently how I couldn’t find Shout At the Devil, Escape to Athena or ffolks on video anywhere, and she surprised me on my birthday by presenting me with all three, which she`d found at TCM. What a haul! What a lady.


Incredible film, surprised it’s not mentioned more round here for the sheer number of Bond stalwarts in it.


I was listening to Roger’s audio commentary for Moonraker today. Something he said stuck out to me. Basically how he didn’t particularly enjoy rewatching movies from 40 odd years ago that he starred in. That so much time had passed that the guy in the movies (Bond) ‘wasn’t him’ and was instead a ‘piece of meat’. He also added how he could laugh and react to what he (Bond) was doing on screen easier because of it. Really interesting and true, and made me feel melancholy. These films now have a life all of their own.