The Saint Thread (Again)

Post here for all discussion of The Saint.

Speaking of which, thanks to the magic of Netflix I was able to watch the delayed movie with Adam Rayner and Eliza Dushku and…I was not impressed. For me, some of the acting was bad and the movie felt hollow. Like being a generic action movie with just the name of The Saint for name recognition.

I can see why it was delayed for so long and I hope this won’t be the last time we se Simon Templar on either screen or film.

As for books, going to reread Featuring The Saint from 1931 tomorrow.

Rereading the Saint books is always a good idea regardless of any movie.

The TV movie was partly re-shot because the original pilot turned out to be unwanted or not good enough to have serious interest to turn it into a series. So it was originally shot by Simon West and ended up being somebody else’s movie.

I found it decent enough and it made me sad enough knowing that we missed the chance for a new Saint Series. perhaps now they can do a series of tv movies with ITV but then far more period based starting before WWII.

I had no idea there was a new Saint movie - incidentally, love Eliza Dushku since Buffy - maybe worth a decent watch.
I remember back in my youth that the Beeb repeated all the Sanders / Conway movies from the 30s and 40s. They were quite entertaining and some, I think, were based on Leslie Charteris’ novels.
I’m not a lover of The Saint, but I do have an interest in old movie series (Tarzan, Charlie Chan, Mr Moto, etc). Are the Saint movies available on DVD/BluRay ?

Back to the 1930’s?

I haven’t seen Adam Rayner movie one yet. I read few month ago they planning a Movie version again but please not Superman Henry Cavil there a lot actors there to play the role of the Saint; Simon Templar.

Back to the 1930’s indeed it would make the adventures of a gentleman adventures/thief/rogue much more comfortable and would be a true return to the Saint’s roots. The modern Saint seemed to fail too often it might be another route to restart The Saint in a manner that is true to his original format & era

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No argument here. I like the idea.

The George Sanders and Hugh Sinclair Saint movies are available on dvd via the Warner Archive. The Louis Hayward Saint movies are still unavailable on dvd in the US.

I watched this Rayner film only today.


And bearing in mind that the always affable and knowledgeable Ian Dickerson was around on these boards posting this and that, I am sure this wasn’t what he was hoping for either.

All the various story threads, back stories, flashbacks, the children, knowing looks, reactions and Ac-Ting unfortunately tired me out. Deary me. Like all the recent efforts in bringing the Saint to screen, this was just as appalling. I am sure the efforts were genuinely made but it did need a lot of tidying up.

For me, I still stick with the 30’s and 40’s films for a slice of cut and thrust.

I must confess I didn’t even make it through the film. I’m afraid it just lacked the spirit for me.

#metoo… Gave up after the opening scene!

I thought it was okay myself.

Don’t get me started…to say this wasn’t what I was hoping for is being a tad more diplomatic than I dare be. A few of us were advocating a page 1 rewrite of the scroipt from very early on…sadly we weren’t listened to.

All i can say is I learnt a lot about what to do…and what not to do…

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The ITV 1920s script of a year or so back is dead, I take it?

Nice to see you around sir.

Would there be news of your Charteris biography, and also a reprint of the short lived TV book you did a while back? Or indeed any other written project you are working on.

Does rather seem like anything to do with the Saint is an uphill struggle for people. I sympathise.

It’s been a while since I watched it, but I remember there’s a brief moment where they go to some underground wrestling club or something, and it starts to slightly shift into a fantastical world where Simon knows everyone in the underworld and it actually becomes slightly lighter and more engaging. With a wittier script I could sort of see something as we saw glimmers of there beginning to work.
Rayner wasn’t quite as weak as I was expecting, but he struggles to carry this and not look smug rather than charming. It just goes to show how bloody good Roger Moore was! :slight_smile:
I do wonder if bringing back the fourth wall breaking with the Saint directly addressing the camera might be an idea. Few shows do that any more, and it would make him less irritating. I think having Holm in it didn’t help at all: they were too cliquey and smug and alienate the viewer.

On a less important note I was sad the Volvo got the chop too: I think they should just have him driving around in that rather than McLarens or silly cars- much like the DB5 is back for Bond. Mind you, there is the new Polestar which seems to have been designed for the Saint:

Even with the pilot turning out as it did I still think we could have had a decent shot at a show if we’d been given the go ahead…particularly when you look at some of the stuff that’s made it on screen such as MacGyver.

Unfortunately they wouldn’t let me break the fourth wall…you can set up the show and establish a certain tone by doing it which would have helped a great deal I think.

Whilst I like the character of Pat I just think she was completely wrong in the pilot.

And yes, we went to all the trouble of getting one of the original Volvos on set, had great fun with it…and didn’t use any of the material. Aaargh!

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The second collection of Leslie’s Sherlock Holmes scripts is due out this week–will be listed on Amazon around the end of the month I think.

As for the biography, well my track record with this ain’t great so I’m loathe to make any promises but I’m hoping that when you write to Father Christmas later this year, you can put that on the list.

An update of the TV book is planned and will probably happen when my worklaod eases up a bit. As in, I want to do it, the chap I discussed it with wants to do it, but frustatingly there are only 24 hours in a day.

I have written a Saint novel which many folk seem to like but won’t go anywhere, and will probably get rewritten, once we know what’s happening with the next film.

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As far as I’m aware it never made it to script. But yes, it’s dead. For now.

Please aim higher than that! :slight_smile:

I remember the feature the Volvo in a car mag: made me sad it didn’t make it! Would you embrace all of the iconography, halo and all, if you got to do your personal version?