The Saint Thread (Again)


Sorry, just a (poor?) attempt at levity. I don’t even mind the gaps. I’d just as soon they let SP end the series, honestly. It wasn’t much of a “finale,”, but it felt more like one than we’ve ever gotten, and at this point better to stop while they’re (more or less) ahead.


I can’t criticise, as you can see I went for the same attempt in the second half :grin:


I made the mistake of looking up Lorenzo di Bonaventura’s CV - two of films I like - Constantine and Stardust, the former I like for the content it keeps from the comic, the latter is all Vaughn, Goldman and Gaiman as demonstrated by their other works.

Point is…we’re at the mercy of the studio and the chosen director, or how much that director will stand up against the studio going by the two directors mentioned.


Will believe it when I see it.

Although I probably won’t see it.


My thoughts exactly…


I have never seen a single episode of The Saint until tonight. I recently subscribed to Amazon Prime so I could watch The Grand Tour. Tonight I was delighted to discover that the first five seasons of The Saint were available for streaming.

The first episode is Roger and a pre-Goldfinger Shirley Eaton(!). I noticed the air date for the first episode was October 4, 1962. I new the date sounded familiar that’s when I realized that was the day before Dr. No premiered.

I’ve watched three episodes already and I love it. Roger was the best.



Yeah I’ve been rewatching some of these eps now that it’s available on prime. I love the way Rog breaks the fourth wall in these black and white episodes. The color episodes transition to a voiceover which is still fun but less personal. Plenty of Bond veterans play supporting roles in many of the episodes, and some even play different characters!


Rog’s saint series is fantastic isnt it. I always felt that the saint, and Lord Brett Sinclair from the persuaders, were better fits to Rog than james bond. They allow him more breathing room and for his personality to really shine through, whereas james bond is a bit of a straight jacket in terms of making him stiffer and more reserved.

The older saint films from the 40s are also worth checking out if you can find them. The return of the saint from the 70s is also quite good.


I’m getting a kick out of seeing so many future Bond alum in these Saint episodes. Shirley Eaton has pop up again and in “Miami Beach” no less!