The Saint Thread (Again)


Sorry, just a (poor?) attempt at levity. I don’t even mind the gaps. I’d just as soon they let SP end the series, honestly. It wasn’t much of a “finale,”, but it felt more like one than we’ve ever gotten, and at this point better to stop while they’re (more or less) ahead.


I can’t criticise, as you can see I went for the same attempt in the second half :grin:


I made the mistake of looking up Lorenzo di Bonaventura’s CV - two of films I like - Constantine and Stardust, the former I like for the content it keeps from the comic, the latter is all Vaughn, Goldman and Gaiman as demonstrated by their other works.

Point is…we’re at the mercy of the studio and the chosen director, or how much that director will stand up against the studio going by the two directors mentioned.


Will believe it when I see it.

Although I probably won’t see it.


My thoughts exactly…