The Song. A Poll. Death or Paradise?

  • Yes, I like that a lot
  • I think I sort of get it, maybe. Perhaps. Might need a few more listens
  • I shall pass judgment, for judgment it shall be, once I’ve seen the film. Until then, I just felt like saying hello. Hello.
  • Not tremendously keen on this, to be honest
  • Oh dear

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Yes, pretty solid. They’ve evidently not made Octopussy 2, though. There’s going to be Drah-Mah.

Fair enough.

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On first listen, thought a tad slow, but great lyrics. Then it was stuck in my head at 3 in the morning. Subtle hints to Bond themes throughout. :+1:

I find it quite bland music wise, just like Writings On The Wall actually. Still, a woman singer makes it much more pleasant to hear. But I’m sure Kleinman’s titles will be wonderful as ever, he even managed to make the falsetto bearable, so I don’t worry too much about the in-movie result.

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I love it. It’s certainly in the tradition of Skyfall and Writing’s on the Wall but it leans more to the former than the latter. I can’t wait to see it with the visuals of the opening credits.

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a bit low energy but I need context to get it.

and it seems a wee bit early to release it. People will be over it by April 10.

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People may be over it by March 10th. Teenage bedroom angst has only so much staying power.


The more I’ve listened to it, the more I have noted what others already did, that it seems to act as a gathering of themes, notes and styles from the previous four Craig Bond songs, in one. I’m wondering whether that is clever or a touch mechanical.

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I suspect it started out as creative idea and just stuck as everything in this film seems to be about wrapping up, tying loose ends, closing the circle, so on so forth. A totally different new direction of the song would maybe stick out like a sore thumb - BOND 26 will get that…perhaps.

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Emphasises the pocket universe nature of the Craigs, I suppose. A pocket universe blurred at the fringes whenever that Aston Martin rumbles into view.

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That’s the wormhole where the tachyons punch their way through…


I had to look that one up…!

And every zombie tachyon makes it through leaves that much less space in the vacuum for something new to grow.

The DB5 is actually considered the result of tachyon condensation, a system (the Craig films) lowering its energy state by spontaneously producing particles (in the shape of an old Aston).

Since tachyons travel faster than light it’s not possible for the observer (the audience) to see it approaching: the DB5 appears out of nowhere.

Once the tachyon has passed the observer/audience, there appear two images of it approaching and departing in opposite directions (the Aston of the Connery timeline and that of Craig’s). The astonishment audiences feel in that moment is not anger about being cheated out of the Craig timeline with a deus ex machina but the shockwave of Cherenkov radiation shown only in that particular moment in time. Audiences think they remember the car from GOLDFINGER, but they actually remember the future since the tachyon condensation produced a car from a point in the multiverse where GOLDFINGER has yet to be filmed.

Tricky business, these tachyons…


I like the track, because I like anything ‘Bond’ related and I find it very difficult to strongly dislike anything from the franchise. That being said, I feel slightly let down. It sounds too similar to ‘writings on the wall’, and there was so much potential for it to be better than it was! That being said, I may like it more when I watch the PTS.

For me I think the themes for Craig’s movies mirror his era. It started strong, powerful and aggressively, then got lost half-way through. Now all EON seem to want to do is focus on his trauma and heart-ache. Much like the this theme song and the one before it.

I know I’m moaning a lot considering I really do like it… but as I said I don’t strongly dislike anything from the ‘Bond universe’. Although, I am allowed to be annoyed every now and then.


or is that the plot of Tenet? :laughing:


I’m with you. I think it’ll be terrific in the titles, off the back of whatever mayhem precedes it. It’s very emotive, so I guess it’ll very effectively set up what’s to come.

But I don’t see myself giving it many repeat plays by the summer. More likely to put on GF, or OHMSS (which still sounds streets ahead of what’s apparently ‘new’).

But if it works well in the context of the film, then it’s done it’s job. And if it sells and makes headlines and brings in ‘youngsters’ which it seems to be doing, then it’s done the Studio’s job too.


Next time a producer asks me to explain my editing I’m simply going to say ‘tachyon condensation’.

Hmm, wonder if that’ll work with the misses when I get home from the pub at 3am :thinking:

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