The Ultimate James Bond Fan Book - New Edition

Hi folks! Some of you may remember me from participating on these forums years and years ago, or you may remember the first edition of The Ultimate James Bond Fan Book, which covered Dr. No through Die Another Day.

The new edition, hot off the presses, is fully updated for the Daniel Craig films. And by “fully,” I mean, these are not just added chapters. Every chapter on every subject is updated. The “Bond girls” chapter includes Vesper, the Oscars chapter includes Adele and Sam Smith, and “Worst Henchmen” includes Elvis from QOS. It’s all there.

Best of all, cover art by the AMAZING and LEGENDARY Jeff Marshall.

Available for purchase (Kindle or paperback) here.

I have a very limited number of free PDF copies to give away in exchange for Amazon reviews. If you’d like to be a part of that, you can email me at deborah (at) deborahlipp (dot) com.



By the way – I totally forgot to mention that the book has a “Resources” section and naturally, the CBn forums are mentioned.

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That’s very kind of you, much appreciated!

Did anyone here read the first version of this book a couple of years ago? Is it worth the purchase?