The What If Moments or Scenarios: A Day By Day Game

The What If Moments Thread

Nothing to do with the Production of the films, but relating to the films themselves, watching Bond films, there’s some scenes there happened that might be a coincidence or would make you think that yeah, what if that scene didn’t happened or happened the other way around?

So, I’m going to start with some of the scenes happened in the film, that our imaginations might think some alternate scenes.

August 15: Thunderball: What if Bond hadn’t encountered Fiona Volpe while escaping from Largo’s men in Disco Volante that night?

August 16: You Only Live Twice: What if Blofeld denied Bond’s request to get his rocket cigarettes back?

August 17: On Her Majesty’s Secret Service: What if Tracy hadn’t arrived at the skating rink?
Bonus question: What if it’s Bond who got killed at the end of the wedding day instead of Tracy?

August 18: Moonraker: What if Bond had failed to use his dart watch while in the centrifuge?

August 19: You Only Live Twice: What if Kissy Suzuki was shot by the men in the helicopter while swimming back to alert Tiger Tanaka and his men for an attack in the film’s climax, what if she didn’t make it?

August 20: Moonraker: What if Bond didn’t went to Brazil? I mean, what if he didn’t saw the plane ticket? Holly Goodhead also kept him that as a secret, she lied to him that she’s going there (she said it that "she’s not going anywhere), so what if Bond didn’t saw the Plane ticket, listened to Holly Goodhead’s alibis and never went to Brazil, it’s just Holly Goodhead there alone, what do you think might happened, where do you think Bond would go?

August 21: Goldeneye: What if Natalya failed to held the Helicopter pilot hostage near the end?

August 22: SPECTRE: What if the mouse in L’Americain hadn’t showed up? What if Bond didn’t found the secret room behind the walls?
Bonus question: What if Blofeld’s plan of drilling his brain succeeded?

August 23: The Spy Who Loved Me: What if Anya got the key earlier and succeeded in driving away with the Microfilm, leaving Bond alone in Luxor?

August 24: No Time To Die: What if Bond hadn’t encountered Nomi in Norway?

August 25: Goldfinger: When Bond was disabling the bomb, there’s a man who came to stop the bomb at 007 seconds, but what if the man (forgot his name) hadn’t arrived?

August 26: SPECTRE: What if Marco Sciarra successfully escaped in the Helicopter and alive?

August 27: Quantum of Solace: What if Mitchell who had shot or killed Bond first?

August 28: Octopussy: What if Octopussy didn’t shot the lock to open the bomb in the circus?


I’ve already changed the dates…

We’re going to start tomorrow! Monday, new week and fresh!

I’m not realy sure what you want with this topic. Just asking a question about a scene and than everyday people here gonna give their reaction on it, or are we expected to ask ourselves questions about how something could have turned out differently in other scenes.

It’s this.

I like this, too.

It’s a bit confusing, because why the dates mentioned if that’s not the case?

We’re going to tackle those possible scenes that would likely to or might happen, day by day, that’s why there were dates.

What if situations…

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Let’s start today…

Thunderball: What if Bond hadn’t encountered Fiona Volpe while escaping from Largo’s men in Disco Volante that night?

What might could happened to Bond?

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He might have been captured, leading to an interrogation and an assassination attempt which he somehow would have escaped from.

It all would have shortened the film (not a bad idea) but deprived us of a great character (a shame).


She could have been waiting for Bond in his hotel room in his bed (as Tiffany Case will be two movies hence).

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If allowed, an addition:

August 29th: What if Mr. Kidd had given Mr. Wint a new cologne for his birthday?


August 15: Thunderball: What if Bond hadn’t encountered Fiona Volpe while escaping from Largo’s men in Disco Volante that night?

As I said in my first post:
she could just wait for Bond sitting in her bath, as happened later in the movie.


My answer too.

@jamesb007nd you’re exempted from this, since you’ve answered them all…:sweat_smile: Thank you mate.

So for those who haven’t yet…

August 16: You Only Live Twice: What if Blofeld denied Bond’s request to get his rocket cigarettes back?

Then Bond would have only lived once.


Bond would be dead, or the rest of us would be.

(I suspect that might be my answer for most of these).


There is some truth there but…

Way, way, way, back, when I was a slip of a lad, a writer in the NFT magazine stated that one of the most important moments in the series was the end of GF. Bond is befuddled by the bomb, grabbing and pulling things with no clue, until he, and by extension “the world” are saved by the man in the glasses and disapproving look. It’s pretty much the last time that has happened. In general, Bond saves us.

So in the volcano…Bond gets the cigarettes back because, well, we can’t have the plot levers of the climax being held by a bunch of faceless ninjas which is pretty much the only alternative. They get in without Bond’s help.

I say all this with an entirely straight face, because there are some moments on the list coming up which I think offer some interesting alternatives. But Bond story-telling always reverts back to “what can Bond do to get out of it?” rather than other outcomes that might actually make for a more interesting story/character development.


I’m more of the opinion that Bond would always find a way. He uses his wits and what’s at hand to get out of any given situation. It might not be so obvious but he’ll think of something.

For today’s question I’ll go with karate chop a guard and takes Blofeld’s cat hostage.

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Or… Bond looks at Blofeld and realises that this is not the real Blofeld at all. It’s an imposter! The real one from YOLT looks like Father Christmas, but this new guy looks suspiciously like the guy from The Great Escape and Bond knows that he’s as blind as a bat. So he quickly throws him in the water with the pirannas, dives to the control panel and detonates the space rocket.


Great observation.

For me, in these situations it is a question of how well the filmmakers have matched the device to the situation that Bond has to get out of. Is there wit? How good is the script’s carpentry? As planattack notes, Bond is going to get out of the situation, but will he use a pistol to take down a helicopter, or a providentially reappearing wrist-dart-gun?