Timothy Dalton to star in DC Universe's Doom Patrol series


The onetime James Bond has booked the leading role in DC Universe’s Doom Patrol . The live-action role is Dalton’s first series regular gig since he wrapped his three-season run on Showtime’s Penny Dreadful in 2016.

Dalton will take on the role of Dr. Niles “The Chief” Caulder, who is described as a pioneer in medical science, searching the world over for those on the edge of death in need of a miracle. Brilliant but controversial, Dr. Caulder will stop at nothing to help those he believes are in need, including his collection of strange heroes known as the Doom Patrol.


Nooo. Niles Caulder is a redhead! I’m going to start a new site: daltonisnotcaulder.com Who’s with me?

Just kidding, this is a cool if completely unexpected bit of casting. Probably still not worth the subscription fee, though…

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Always good to see Dalton work again. He’s one of those great underrated actors who should have had a much bigger career.

Still hoping for him to play a spy again…

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Ever see him in Chuck? Given the series nature, Dalton was the Holy Grail of guest cast, and the series treats him as such.

Loved him in CHUCK!

I dont think that it wouldve had him with 3 roles essentially if it wasnt Dalton. They were clearly SO happy that they got James Bond in their spy series.

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I know this will sound ludicrous, but while watching Penny Dreadful last year (a masterpiece!) I couldn’t help but thinking that with a proper script (eg. no jumping off the roofs, no having an affair with 20 year old women), Dalton would still be believable as James Bond. Damn, how well he’s ageing!


It’s always good to see more Dalton on our screens. I was very much on the fence about Doom Patrol but I’m definitely going to watch at least the first episode now.

Honestly, if any one deserved and could pull off their James Bond version of ‘Logan’ - its Dalton


Same. Dalton brings such intensity and charisma to his roles, so I’m not going to miss this.

Has anyone else watched Doom Patrol yet? I checked it out for two things;

  1. A series that embraced the weirder, more out there aspects of the genre
  2. Timothy Dalton.

And based on that criteria I wasn’t disappointed. It has a delightfully oddball feel, Dalton’s great and the snarky narration from Alan Tudyk’s villain was a hilarious bonus. My only gripe is the amount of sex, nudity and swearing. I’m no prude, it just feels forced. I’ll definitely be following this one.

I knew from the off it would good. “Special appearance by” normally is saved for an actor who truly has weight, and Dalton truly delivered.

I thought the “Special appearance by” credit was a little odd as I was under the impression that Dalton was part of the regular cast. Maybe it means that the Chief going off on his travels will be regular thing and there will be a few episodes where Dalton doesn’t appear.

I hope I’ll land on Netflix soon enough. Nevertheless Doom Patrol plot was great in Titans (surprisingly great show, by the way), so I’m very much looking forward to watching it.

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He is in every ep. Matt Ryan gets a “special appearance by” credit on season 4 of Legends of Tomorrow - he’s in every episode and main arc is from Constantine: The Hellblazer. The credit doesn’t really mean anything other than the production considers them to be highly important.

yes, i know one of the writers tweeted how excited she was to have “James F&!@#ing Bond” in her tv show - I’m sure he is very highly valued indeed

Just watched the first two episodes. It’s SOO good, I won’t say why, as I think the subverting of expectations plays into it. I’ll just say the Dalton line that gave me chills when he said it…

“You still think this is your story?”

Doom Patrol is back! Dalton knocks it out of the park as per usual.


Just caught up on the first three episodes. Doom Patrol was probably my favourite thing on TV from last year and I’m so happy that not only is it back but it continues to deliver the weirdness that I love about the series.
Dalton is indeed doing excellent work, as are the entire cast.

My only concern going forward is that we have have yet to see any hint of an overarching antagonists, although it will be hard to compete with Alan Tudyk’s Mr Nobody.