Trivial Bondisms


We all have our quirks. For me, as a Bond fan, some of these quirks have intermingled with my passion for the franchise.

For example, my WiFi network name has always been GoldenEye (naturally). This has been regardless of moves, provider switches, etc.

Also, both of my Mac products have been named after the system satellites; Mischa (phone) and Petya (laptop).

Anybody else have any subtle Bondisms intertwined in their day-to-day life?


After 45 years of fandom?.. No… Not at all. :wink:

My home router comes up as DOUBLE-O-SECTION. Pretty certain my neighbors know who it belongs to. The plates on my cars are ‘007 4EVR’ & ‘007’S JAG’ and both have custom rear plate frames - “Property of Q Branch MI6-London”

Back when Joyce, Matt and I started traveling together, I ordered us some specialized Swiss army knives with our numbers engraved on them. While I do have lovely and cherished Dunhill, Ronson and DuPont lighters, my daily carry is my Zippo 007 lighter.


When testing code strings, my default is “James Bond”.


I drink too much, hold absurd opinions and am prone to melancholy.


All my passwords are Bond titles alongside the year they were released ( book and film)




ha! i use that password system as well!


My fellow associate 004 and I used to keep our CBn passwords as insults at each other.

i.e. ‘004cangetstuffed’ - ‘003drinkscheapblendedscotch’ etc.

Security is penultimate at CBn. :thinking::yum:


Had a license plate that read SPCTRE1, I have the MI6 wallpaper from CR on my iPad, cell phone, lap top and both vehicles’ infotainment screens, I wear a Spectre ring (which someone actually noticed yesterday), I have a spectre tattoo, and my passwords are Bond related. How’s that?


Cheers Navy! Yeah, I have the MI6 wallpaper on the desktop big screen. Also, as friends have given me many SPECTRE rings (about a dozen+ over the years) I’ve scarred a few and added some stage blood to some others and keep them all in a small bowl on my mantle. Trophy collection. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


I have changed my wife’s ring tone to the Bond theme tune(she isn’t a fan) without her knowledge purely for the embarrassment I know she will feel when it rings in public


Several times


Well good, then! At least I am in good company…


I have Company Car as my ringtone.

On a day to day basis I always make sure to be aware of my surroundings and question everything.


I named a couple of my flash drives GoldenEye, Skyfall and Spectre. Since I used my drives at home and university I avoided naming one Octopussy for obvious reasons.

I currently use the James Bond theme as my ringtone.


I treated myself to the Spectre watch: with the NATO strap I just couldn’t resist.:japanese_ogre:


My number plate starts as J800 ie, JB double 0 in numberplate lingo, followed by my initials


I’ve got the SPECTRE ring and we got married on 7-7-2017 for obvious reasons :slight_smile: The code of my locker at work is 007. And I named my cat Jinx :grin:

A while back I was strolling around the harbor and my son spotted this beauty:

‘ Mom mom! James Bond! ‘

I couldn’t be more proud :heart_eyes::grin: