Two General Questions about 007

Hello, Bond fans. I have two questions for your collective feedback.

– Excluding the black and white sequence that opens 2006’s Casino Royale, is that his first mission as 007? I always thought it was an early mission but not necessarily his very first. Is it ever specified in the film?

– How should we write 007 when we spell it out? Is it Double-O-Seven (with a dash connecting seven) or is it Double-O Seven (without a dash). To clarify, I am not asking about Double-O vs Double-0.

Many thanks!
Many thanks!

In the “Christ, I miss the cold war” scene, M says: “I give him Double O status and he celebrates by shooting up an embassy.” Sounds pretty clear.

As I’m not an English native speaker (or writer) I’m not certain if I can answer your second question correctly. But in the CR script, it’s written exactly as I wrote above “Double O”, so it might actually be “Double O Seven”, without any hyphen.

Yes, you are correct. I would say that it’s his first mission. Thank you for the reminder!

Anyone have any thoughts about the other question?