User name change

Apparently, I didn’t use my username when transferring over to the new forums and I can’t figure out how to change to my old one so it will match from the previous forums. How can I do that?

Go to preferences, account and look for the username section. Alternatively I can do it for you. If you’re having a problem post what you’d like the new username to be, and I’ll go and change it.

My old username was Double-Oh Agent but I guess now I can’t have a space so how about Double-OhAgent

It won’t let me edit the username. There’s no pencil. It will let me edit other things but not that.

There we go, sorted. :slightly_smiling_face:

Thank you. Have a good day.

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Hi all!
I’m sort of new here… I was the user Messervy back on the old forums, and just now went on board here. Better late than never, eh?!

So I have a question on the profile editing. Not for the name, but for the picture (still, didn’t thik it needed starting a new thread). How can I upload a picture to serve as my profile pic? It seems I can only select a “system randomly assigned” pic or a “Gravatar” thing (which I don’t have). Isn’t it possible to just use a picture I have on my device?

Thanks for your help.
And good to be back!

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Sorry, almost forgot about this…
Unfortunately, the board has no other option but the Gravatar thing for personal profile pictures. Had to do that, too, to get mine up.

Welcome back.


Ok, thanks.