Villain Deathmatch - Round 1 Match 1

  • Diamonds are Forever Blofeld
  • Franz Sanchez

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The World, it is said, is not enough and, bored by lockdown, it appears that villainous in-fighting has broken out to such an extent that things have to be settled between the Bond villains.

Accordingly, fate brings forth a series of 12 deathmatches, villain v villain – and you determine who wins, simply by voting for your favourite.

Winner goes through to the next round, loser receives a small funeral service with only pirhanas and a few tearful jumpsuited goons in attendance.

Picking the first round of matches at random from names drawn from the Covid-19 face-covering Mrs Jim has ordered for me (a bucket), there are some interesting encounters and some potential first round giantkillings and clashes of titans (and Titans! Will! Clash!, apparently).

Yes, I know some are tag-teams (eg Whitaker & Koskov) but this is only for giggles, they are fictional and – ultimately – are two heads better than one?

Will cast my eye over the bloodstrewn battlefields in a week from now. Any ties will be administered a coup-de-grace, also known as a flip of a coin. I know that’s unfair but consider who we’re dealing with here, and cope.

I presume Mr. Kidd and Mr. Wint received a first round bye?


Henchpeople Deathmatch to follow… soon. Definitely among the favourites.

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Wint and Kidd get my vote now! They actually showed a respectful interpretation of a homosexual relationship with two bad guys that main stream cinema had mostly refused to do at the time. Just look at Bruce Glover’s face when Putter Smith is killed - an honestly loving relationship!


I love Charles Gray as Blofeld, he realy delivered his lines perfectly.


Sanchez would kill the hell out of Blofeld in a physical confrontation, but as far as being a supervillain goes, I’ll vote for the one with class and sophistication.


Sanchez is clearly harder than Gray’s Blofeld, but Blofeld would just send Mr Wint and Mr Kidd to do his dirty work, slip on a nice frock and escape in his bathosub, so the win goes to Blofeld.

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Franz is my favourite villain in the series, so the choice is clear.

Telly Savalas is the best Blofeld, IMO, but I have Charles Gray as a close second.

I think they’re great villains, and the way they finish each other’s sentences is hilarious. Scene stealing and charismatic. DAF in general is a very fun movie to just relax with.


Grey’s the perfect Blofeld for that particular instalment; a unique one off in which the Bond movies almost went full Dean Martin era Matt Helm.

LALD is a gritty thriller by comparison, which in turn is camp compared most others.

I love DAF for those unique qualities. However, Sanchez is one of the most authentic villains. His too easy seduction by Bond stops him being top tier, but he’s close.


Sanchez is clearly the hands-on villain who would not waste time with niceties before killing Gray’s Blofeld - only he couldn’t be sure it’s the real Blofeld. So I imagine Blofeld would light a cigarette in his Ian-Fleming-commemoration-holder while he watches his double getting hacked into the hunting grounds of minor SPECTRE employees.

And shoot Sanchez with an amused smile.


IMO Franz has the greatest combination of being charming and brutal. He could theoretically be your best friend and also your worst enemy. All it takes is one perceived slight and your time is up.

What I also enjoy about Franz is how they made something so seemingly banal, in this case a drug lord, James Bondified. His escape from the convoy when the truck veers off the bridge evokes Thunderball. Instead of moving nuclear warheads with underwater vehicles he transports drugs instead. He uses sharks to maim Felix. He has a production facility in Mexico with a secret helicopter entrance.

But at the same time, Franz does feel seperate from the villains that came before given the real world connotations he carries. Having Dario as his right hand man assists his credibility too.


Sanchez, hands down. He’s one of the scariest and real villains of the whole series. Also, outside of maybe Max Zorin, I would argue he is probably the most psychotic and evil.


I guess I missed the deadline, but here’s my vote anyway.

Franz Sanchez is the best villain in the series. Very scary and believable. Robert Davi was awesome in role. While I also like Charles Gray’s Ernst Stavro Blofeld, I have to go with Sanchez taking Blofeld out of the competition whether in a battle of machetes or not.


But which Blofeld would Sanchez kill?

If he fell for Bond’s ‘problem eliminator’ then would he fall for the old wrong pussy trick?

No, he wouldn’t hesitate to kill both Blofeld’s along with their respective pussys.

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