Villain Deathmatch - the Quarter-Finals

Round 2 round-up

Klebb & Grant 20 (87%) v Dr No 3 (13%)

Hugo Drax 16 (70%) v Alec Trevelyan 7 (30%)

Emilio Largo 17 (68%) v Kamal Khan & General Orlov 8 (32%)

OHMSS Blofeld 15 (65%) v Le Chiffre 2006 8 (35%)

Karl Stromberg 14 (60%) v Spectre Blofeld 9 (40%)

Dr Kananga 14 (58%) v Elliot Carver 10 (42%)

Silva 13 (54%) v Francisco Scaramanga 11 (46%)

Max Zorin 12 (52%) v Franz Sanchez 11 (48%)

Classic villainy seems triumphant; only Silva left representing anything from the 21st Century; indeed, anything after 1985. What does this tell us? Probably very little.

Winners of QF 1 and QF 4 will “play” each other in Semi-Final 1; Semi-Final 2 deathmatches the winners of QF 2 and QF 3. In the event of a tie, fallout as before.


We enter the business end of the Deathmatches: the Quarter-Final stage. Now, they only eat rat.

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  • Emilio Largo
  • Hugo Drax

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Perhaps both the unpleasant-surprise packages of the first two rounds; solid, calm and tremendously well-tailored villainy, largely untroubled by their previous opponents despite neither being energetic fighters. Round 2 victim Trevelyan really shouldn’t have asked whether Drax had any glib remarks or pithy comebacks, should he? Even in death, Drax’s munificence is boundless; to the victor go the spoils. Lacking depth perception, Largo has secured solid wins so far over villains some may accuse of lacking any perceptible depth. Clay pigeons or real pigeons? The Flying Saucer takes on the Flying Stud Farm; see that some harm comes to them.

  • Dr Kananga
  • OHMSS Blofeld

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He always did have an inflated opinion of himself. Count de Bleuchamp, indeed. Great scientists both, both ready to share – for free – their discoveries with the World; characteristic of great humanitarians, of course, although both have a robust attitude towards trespassers. Mutual fondness for addressing the United Nations on occasion. Both sitting atop a big pile of dangerous white stuff, whilst names may be for tombstones, baby, whose is carved this time? Who will be let back into impolite society? Whose death is predicted this time?

  • Klebb & Grant
  • Max Zorin

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No-one ever leaves the KGB. Although… all of these do, evidently. Can previously lucky loser Max Zorin be even luckier? Tight contest against Sanchez in the previous round but just about squeezed through 52% to 48% which, as we all know of those percentages, is a massive and overwhelming and completely decisive vote in his favour. Another comfortable win for Klebb & Grant over Dr No last time out, and proving the form team of the competition so far. Can they be stopped, or will they continue to have their kicks? Don’t make it harder on yourself, but, in any event, don’t have the fish.

  • Silva
  • Karl Stromberg

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Just point and click. Both seemingly keen on button-based villainy (all that physical stuff is so dull) but Silva perhaps fonder of getting his unwebbed hands on what he desires. Destroy the World, or one little old lady? A generational clash here, but don’t forget that age is no guarantee of efficiency, and youth no guarantee of innovation. Top tip for any young ladies seeking gainful employment from either of these: really, don’t. Observe the instruments of Armageddon, or at least listen to them. Boom! Why does my heart go boom? Why does that chair explode? Why does my groin now hurt? Within minutes, one of these will cease to exist. Last rat standing is….?


Another 24 hours to vote, let’s say.

Still going with Drax against Largo - I must confess I haven’t revisited THUNDERBALL and its Number Two in ages; can’t say I’m missing them.

Kananga against OHMSS-Blofeld is a much tougher fight for me. I find them both entertaining in unexpected ways, Kananga having a secret ‘super villain’ identity complete with mask. And Blofeld with his entirely absurd wish to get a title established he already uses, from a person he already knows… It’s Blofeld for me. This time.

Klebb and Grant finish Zorin as tag team - don’t ask.

Silva would hack into Stromberg’s Atlantis and just pull the plug.

Was early enough to vote this time. My choices are:

Emilio Largo over Hugo Drax
Very tough call, but I picked Telly Savalas’ Ernst Stavro Blofeld over Ross Kananga, but I prefer Kananga.
I took Max Zorin over Rosa Klebb and Donald “Red” Grant
And I took Raoul Silva over Karl Stromberg, but I prefer Stromberg

You’re doing this deliberately, aren’t you?

Yes. Yaphet Kotto’s character was not explicitly given a first name in the film, but he WAS named after the gator owner, Ross Kananga, so I prefer to believe that the Kananga/Mr. Big’s character’s first name is Ross.

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All the same choices for me, except I side with Drax over Largo.

Both are ruthless dictator types, but I find Drax moreso. Plus, he’s his own man, not having to worry about management looking over his shoulder.

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I know there’s no real rules for making one’s selection of winners in this contest. But in my case, I’m making my choices on who I think would win in a straight up death match, primarily hand-to-hand combat. I also might add which villain I like better in the series if it’s a different outcome than my selection.