Villain Deathmatch - the Semi-Finals

Clear results coming through the Quarter-Finals. Dr Kananga’s bubble finally burst; Stromberg shot his bolt; Zorin dropped out and Emilio Largo took one right up the old junkanoo.


Many dead – four (…yes I know it’s five really) to go.

Losers of the Semi-Finals go to a Third place death-off.

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  • Hugo Drax
  • Silva

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  • Klebb & Grant
  • OHMSS Blofeld

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Very tough round, but went with Silva and Blofeld.

If Drax doesn’t win this then he should exterminate humanity and start his own poll in space, where his master race voters will deliver the only correct result.


…you do know how democratic vote works right?

I mean, Drax source material was literally a Nazi so he might well try that, but we may need to consult @Jim for a fictional character playing to type in a trivial context

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Blofeld and Drax.
They both wanted more than just chaos.