VIth Convention of Archivo 007 Madrid 2018

Once again, finally, here we are:

Archivo 007 proudly announces its annual meeting.

In Madrid the 1st and 2nd of September we will have contests, conferences, debates, prizes and, this year, we will have the presence of Sylvan Whittingham, daughter of Jack Whittingham, who will give a talk about her father’s involvement in Thunderball and the infamous trial.

Sylvan with Luis Abbou, author of Behind the Tuxedo and Club Archivo 007 member:

Sylvan in Everything or Nothing:

Of course you are all invited to come to Madrid and enjoy a truly Bondian weekend. All the info:

You can ask whatever you want here: info at archivo007 dot com

Last year’s group photo:

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This past weekend Archivo 007 celebrated its VIth Convention with people from everywhere!

This was the awesome bag of gifts for all attendees:

Conferences, games, dinners and, of course, true Bondian friendship on a memorable rendezvous. This year we had the honor to count with Sylvan Whittingham, Jack’s daughter, who chatted with us about Thunderball and her father’s work. Thanks a lot, Sylvan!

We ended our meeting by renting a movie theater and watching FRWL in its 55th birthday:

Archivo 007 will return in 2019 with The 007th Annual Convention!


Here is our summary video:

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