Walther Arms Beside James Bond


We all know James Bond famous pistol Walther PPK German brand he has to carry instant of anything else. He carried P5 in 2 1983 2 Jame Bond movies. Octopussy & Sean Connery final & unofficial Never say Never Again He use a updated P99 from TND to reboot Casino Royale then switch back on the PPK. A lot of Walther guns were use in TV shows & movies. Late Edward Woodword used PPk/S staines Steele in his American tV series _The Equaliser later movie version. Strike back use the P99. We hope 007 will use a new Walther either the P99 again or the Creed the latest Walther pistol. We all know that Walther caibra were 380 9mm & 40S&W. Now 2 years ago they done their first 45 acp calibra PPQ.

New PP9 AC


I vote for the Springfield XDS in .45 ACP. Released in 2012. Easy to conceal for Bond in tuxedo…


I have no objection to that gun. But he also must have his Walther we all hope a new pistol or the return of the P99. The classic PPK had it day don’t forget he unloaded it & through it. This he can snatch off a Villain.


Bond 25 it time 007 update his Walther classic PPK to P99 or any other new Walther Pistol. Walther arm always release a New Pistol or Machine gun. I read recently that Walther this year 2018 will release a new weapon either handgun or Machine gun. I won’t be surprised he has that classic PPK again. Still on production line in some countries. He threw it in SPECTRE after dealing with Blofeld. When come back in the job he need a updated Walther.JB007WPPK


Another new Walther pistol semi Automatic the PPQ SC also available in 13 & 10 rounds well as 15.WaltherPPQSC

Both good contenders to replace his classic Walther PPK it had it day in Bond 25


Good topic. In my own collection, I’m on my third PPK (my first in .380) which I adore as much as it’s predecessors (both in .32/7.65) along with a Browning HP and an ASP.

Should a modern 007 upgrade? Logically, yes. The PPK has stood the test of time and is fully reliable IMO. All the reported jams have (for the most part) been due to ammo as opposed to the weapon itself. I’ve read most of the citations.

The new Walther models are quite nice. Bond is created of the old school though and many of the so titled “work horse” pistols of both the military and government sectors are still just that.

I like the newer Beretta and Sig Sauer models, but both the Browning HP and Beretta 70s are still the staples of the SAS and MOSSAD.

So, brand names and history aside, let’s create, as any intelligence agency might wish, a checklist.

  • 9mm or above. 9mm is the most readily available ammunition worldwide.
  • Minimum eight round capacity, but ten to twelve is an ideal given a staggered clip to maintain a slim frame for concealment.
  • Compact, but with a minimum 3.5 inch barrel for a certain degree of accuracy at 25 feet. Most fire combat engagements with pistols take place at between 5 and 15 feet.
  • Double action, but then again, after the first shot, every semi automatic pistol works the same but sometimes you don’t always have time to cock the hammer and when carrying, even with a chambered round and the safety on, you may need that extra second.
  • Barrel feed ramp - Slightly steeped to allow for rounded, flat or hollow point rounds.
  • Wide ejection port to avoid jams when using questionable ammunition.
  • Minimum 1/8th inch threading for suppressor/muzzle break (silencer/flash suppressor)
  • Master spring tension. Solid but giving as sub-sonic rounds may be required for “quiet work”.

Some of this can be speculated upon, but without the factor of silencers, there’s some fine choices.