Warner Bros To Possibly Distribute James Bond Films Internationally Starting With Bond 27


Worth highlighting the detail that it seems Universal taking B26 was part of the deal for NTTD.

So far by all accounts, MGM and Amazon Studios will be mostly separate entities. Some MGM films they don’t feel will perform well theatrically may go over to the Amazon side with limited cinema releases followed by streaming (eg Thirteen Lives, Samaritan) and I presume vice versa anything Amazon feels might have traditional theatrical potential.


Bond 26 may not be released till October/November of 2024 at the earliest so WB won’t distribute Bond 27 until 2027/2028. So WB will have a five to seven year wait (or longer) to get into the Bond business.


This may be a sign that EON are along further then we realize.

I don´t think so - it´s just a negotiation for the whole slate, and since, of course, BOND 26 will happen at some time, it needed to be dealt with, too.

The first thing EON has to sort out is the financing and the budget range. Distribution, naturally, is part of that, too. So in that regard this is good news, having a clearer path for that.

But the biggest headache for EON will be: who to cast. From then onwards they can determine how to tailor the material. They will roughly map out the era for that actor, whether to go with stand-alone adventures or a connecting arc (more likely, since that is all the rage now).

Only: who is capable of being the new Bond?

And more importantly: who is willing?

Many actors will decline because they don’t want to be the one who gets compared with Craig and suffer the inevitable backlash? Which is ironic since Craig was victim of the worst backlash at the start.


The deal is reported as being for three years, so it may expire before Bond 27.

Wonder if WB will attempt to cancel Bond as well. /s

If their partnership is successful I’m sure WB will trying to extend it. If I recall correctly didn’t WB seriously peruse buying MGM?

Is this news?


So… 15 years of Craig led to five films.

The next 15 years with the current hiatus until a new Bond is found could yield even fewer films.


If they are already looking at distribution for the long haul they’re already in a better position than they were during Craig’s run with MGM having to go begging other studios every two films.


I would suggest that if the only outlet reporting this is The Mirror, or those quoting The Mirror, that it might be worth waiting a bit before drawing any conclusions.

It feels to me like they took the original Warner Bros story and twisted it a bit…


Probably because there is so little news from EON.

I imagine they are thinking about the next phase - but have not really started to work on those plans yet.

NTTD is only (almost) one year old. They will want to wait for the Craig era to be firmly in the past.

I expect news about casting in 2024 at the earliest.


Solid news, that is. “The Media” won’t want to wait that long, they’ll need material to fill the empty space between the adverts and clickbaits. I suspect that the big speculation game is going to be kicked off by November, around the anniversary.


I certainly don’t envy those responsible for coming up with the plot for B26. As MGW always says, they’re looking for the next big world threat. One would imagine any work done prior to Feb 2022 went straight out the window, with European and NATO relations changing basically over night, not to mention Bond’s traditional big bag essentially being cancelled over night.

Will be interesting to see just how much they lean on real world events and relationships in the new era, and how they deal with the situation in Europe changing so rapidly.


It‘s the Goldeneye trailer in reverse.


It’s true the world is changing at a rapid pace, but I find the core motivations remain the same: money and power. There will always be individuals and organisations who want both, and thus people like Bond will still be needed to investigate and help bring them to justice.


The sort of folks who finance Bond films.


The quote from Barbara Broccoli was as follows:

“I’d say that filming is at least two years away.”

That means that Bond 26 won’t be released until 2025 (best case scenario), most likely in the fall. That would follow the trend of all the Bond films released since 1995.

Any hold ups would of course mean that the release of Bond 26 would slide in to 2026.

Here is the article. Barbara Broccoli Says Next James Bond Film Is Two Years Away From Production: “We’re Reinventing Him”


That’s why I said “at the earliest” meaning if we’re lucky maybe everything comes together sooner then expected. If they started filming in January/February of 2024 that would technically be two years away but I agree it will probably be later then sooner.