WGA strike to affect pre-production of Bond 26

Do I understand correctly that the WGA strike will stop possible work on Bond 26 script, assuming that Purvis & Wade were actually working on a concept for a new movie - since they are members of the WGA?

Only if P&W are WGA, which I don’t think they are given they’re UK based. Also nothing stopping Eon looking for a director in that time and working on what sort of movie the director wants to make and if that vibes with Eon’s wishes.


It’s also a big assumption that P&W are working on a script at all. We’ve heard no indication of that…


Stopping work in the Bond 26 script would imply that they have started work on the Bond 26 script, as far as I know no one has.

But if that were the case wouldn’t they have been able to work on QoS back in 2008?
WGA is funny. The way I understand it if you write for a production financed by an American studio you have to be a WGA member. I don’t know the exact rules but there must have been a reason everyone didn’t just hire British writers last time. For example, I recall Steven Moffat had been working on Tintin but he had to stop and ultimately left the project due to the strike.


As far as I know, Paul Haggis was writing that draft which he handed in before the strike began. Afterwards, Forster and Craig tinkered with it. After the strike, I’m sure tons of other writers (that one guy whose name escapes me, too) were brought in and went uncredited.

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They could have, but the British Writers guild

Encouraged their members not to take any job where a WGA member had left the production over that strike. Whether or not they do that again is unknown at the moment.

Also Moffat left Tin Tin because he got offered the top job on Doctor Who at the same time Sherlock was picked up.


According to wga.org both Purvis and Wade are members of the Writers Guild of America West.


In which case they’ll be on strike, so Eon would be best served focused on their director hunt.

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Bond At 60: A Barbara Broccoli/Michael G. Wilson Interview Special - The Empire Film Podcast - Planet Radio [49 minute]

Last September talking to “The Empire Film Podcast” Barbara stated that before hiring a director they need to “get a sense of where they’re going with a series” and that’s something they’d do probably with “Rob & Neil”.
I’ve always assumed that she wouldn’t have mentioned their names if it hadn’t been agreed with them beforehand.
That’s why I assumed that both of them were working on Bond 26.


Well, everybody knew the strike was coming - so if they worked on a script (which at this point would have been a very loose idea, probably more a treatment with a Bond who could be everyone) they would have handed in their draft before.

But I really believe that EON has not taken any serious steps towards BOND 26 so far. They will focus on that reality tv show currently, and maybe they will look at lots of candidates for direction and main actor, waiting for the right ones to emerge for a production start in 2025 at best.


I believe EON are signatories of the WGA, which would prevent them from working on the Bond 26 script.

They wont be making much headway on B26 until Amazon/MGM get their ducks in a row.


We as fans can read her mention of P&W 2 ways:

  1. We have hired them and they are currently writing


  1. We will hire them to write it when we get to that point, but we aren’t at that point yet.

2 months ago BB said “No, we haven’t started casting. There isn’t even a script yet."

2 weeks ago Debbie McWilliams said “Barbara Broccoli has been heavily involved in other projects. You know, it’s not unusual for there to be quite a big gap between different Bonds, it has been known to have a five-year gap. There’s no conversations being had at the moment. So, no, nothing.”

So sure, they could be working on it, but my money is they’re not at that stage yet…


:laughing: as Craig would say, the new Bond still has spots.

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Joshua Zetumer if memory serves.


Bold idea: what about getting rid of P&W in the first place?..

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That does not guarantee a good result.

See - Hodge, John.


If the internet had been around people would have used Richard Maibaum as a patsy.

Let´s face it: P&W are a part of EON´s working procedure, and they know how to write Bond, they know and love Ian Fleming´s work. They are always there to build solid groundwork.

Then the director comes in, brings his flavor of the month-writer in.

This is how it will be done again.



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…seven years from now.