What the World Needs Now…Is Another DB5

Looks like collectors may find one more DB5 under the tree this year…

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Revell has a whole new James Bond range, incl. the Moonraker spaceshuttle


Didn’t know about this; thanks for the heads up!

Indeed, FOR YOUR EYES ONLY’s 2CV, DIAMONDS’ Mustang, GOLDENEYE’s Tigre & the BMW from THE WORLD IS NOT ENOUGH. Plus DB5 and Moonraker shuttle.

Impressive lineup, wonder why we haven’t heard more about this. Seems to come with comparatively little fanfare.

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I’ve seen these on the 007 Store. They look good, but I’d be more interested if they were already made, and die-cast.

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You can buy all these models as die-cast by Corgi, Motormax etc…

The fun is that with Revell you can build them yourself.


You can get the Tiger Helicopter and Z8 from Corgi and Motormax?

The Z8 from Corgi and other labels was released years ago, maybe not the tiger helicopter, but who cares, you know what I meant.

A steal: 1.59 Euros at Aldi. Cheapest Bond collectible ever.
I bought all they had (two of them :wink:)





But one can never have enough of certain things:



Actually, I bought two to make it possible to treat one like a “real” toy collector would: keep it in the blister. Hey, I could make 3 Euros with that one, one day :crazy_face:

The second one to treat it like a toy should be treated: rip the blister open and play with it :laughing:


Sheldon would react like…
“Rip the blister? Nooooooo!”


Is this a new release?

No idea. They’ve had them in the checkout lane for some time now, next to all those sweets and stuff. Developed the habit of rummaging through them in hope for Bond cars. Found several Batmobiles before that, this is the first time I found something Bond.

No idea if this is old stuff Mattel wants to get rid of, or if they just deliver to Aldi whatever they have in that range.

Edit: seems to be new. Or a new release of their standard DB5 1/64 scale model (which was the basis for the NTTD Aston, and the SF Aston and the F&F Aston etc…). Part of the HW Screen Time 2024 series.


Although NOT the 007 Car, this model recently got my attention, when I saw it advertised in a t.v guide magazine recently


It very carefully states “made popular but spy films In the 1960s”…

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