What was the last piece of Bond music you listened to?


For me, it was The Sniper Was a Woman from the TLD soundtrack. Classic Barry, his last score and IMHO one of his best. This is Sneaky Bond music at its best as Bond and Saunders struggle to get Koskov across the frontier. Barry’s cue really heightens the suspense.

Damn, now I really want to watch that sequence again. One of the best interpretations of Fleming material from page to screen.


Nobody Does It Better in the Dave Arnold version featuring Aimee Mann. A favourite of mine.


Currently listening to the OHMSS soundtrack while I work.


You Know My Name. It’s my ringtone.


Mujahadin and Opium is a beautiful piece of sweeping music too. I remember driving around in summer of 1987 with that CD on all the time. John Barry went out with a high note on the TLD score.


Patti Labelle’s If You Asked Me Too. My gf and I were listening to various Celine Dion tracks and her version of If You Asked Me Too came on and my girlfriend lamented that the Patti Labelle version is better. So I switched it.


Hold on to that one.