When do you expect an announcement on BOND 26?

  • by September 2024
  • by October 2024
  • by November 2024
  • by December 2024
  • by spring 2025 (March)
  • by summer 2025 (June)
  • by the end of 2025
  • by 2026 or later
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Love the optimists in the community!


This is indeed significant. Currently - 9. July 2024, late afternoon - some 60 percent of CBners expect some official announcement by March 2025 or sooner. While this is based on nothing but swarm intelligence (or should that be ‘herd intelligence’?) it’s nonetheless a show of optimism.

Or hope.

Or stubbornness.


Desperation :woman_shrugging::sob:


At least for me, the fact that the next film will likely be from the same creative minds that brought us Spectre and No Time to Die makes the otherwise seemingly endless wait completely tolerable.

“You must have them in the stores by Christmas.”

:wink: :cocktail:


Craig was announced in October. I nearly went for that, but thought things don’t always rhyme with the past perfectly.

If ATJ has the job it makes sense for Kraven the Hunter, which was pushed to December, to cash in on a pending announcement, considerably boosting the box office. So I chose November with that vaguely at the back of my mind.

But I have a good feeling about the end of 2024 or early next year regardless of who gets the job. Just because we haven’t been told anything by the powers that be doesn’t mean the wheels aren’t turning. Things can change very quickly once a press conference is called.


The first announcement on Bond 26 isn’t going to be the actor, rather a general release date with “a worldwide search will begin” to find the actor. They can’t cast somebody then have him sit on the shelf for years while the movie is in pre-production.

In the case of CR there was an 18 month gap between the first announcement and Craig being cast.

Release date —> director —> actor


Every film I see him in convinces me more that he would be disastrous for Bond.


Honestly, I cannot for the life of me remember having seen him in anything. As @Arbogast777 points out, there probably ought to come a couple of other announcements before the new actor - always assuming past experience is still indicative and Amazon not insisting on wrapping it all into one big event - so it’s always been somewhat odd to see ATJ suddenly pushed.

When I put up the poll I opted to just ask for ‘news’. Any bloody kind would be welcome by now.


Before Venice there won’t be any usual opportunity to announce anything. Then again, what’s usual these days?

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That was my thought the first time I heard his name come up.

On the plus side, it would probably allow me to look back fondly at and actually find that “renewed appreciation” for Spectre and No Time to Die


If Hexham can vote Labour after a century, anything is possible.


I am agnostic on him. But I would say that we should all be open to an actor surprising us and not pre-judging things too much. This to me is the lesson to be taken from those who pushed the BlondNotBond arguments once upon a time.


Basically, I agree. But in all films I had seen Craig in I thought he would be able to do it, even if I was surprised by the choice due to his different look.

Dalton I had seen only in „Flash Gordon“, and still I thought: yes, the charisma, the voice, he fits.

Brosnan (don’t read on, Jim!) had always been a favorite of mine for the role.

But ATJ - especially the much too high voice does not work for me as Bond.


I was unfamiliar with Dalton when TLD came out. In fact, I was so disappointed Brosnan did not get it that I was hoping the movie would bomb and then Brosnan would get his chance. As it turned out, I fell in love with Dalton’s portrayal and he is probably still my favourite Bond - though it’s close with Craig. I liked Brosnan as Bond and thought his portrayal got better with each film (while the movies themselves went in the opposite direction)


Timothy Dalton was for me an actor I never could remember where I knew him from. It was the eighties so you couldn’t look him up on Google and he wasn’t famous enough to be in books like the movie star encyclopedia. Later I finded out that I knew him from television’s Centennial (which I watched mainly for my teenage hero Richard Chamberlain), The Master of Ballantrae (as sidekick/best friend of Michael York), Mistral’s Daughter and Sins (which I mainly watched with my mother at the time) and ofcourse the movie Flash Gordon.