Where to purchase props from Bond movies?

I am wondering if people can tell me a few things about buying props for Bond movies:

  1. In the US, I know Screenbid sells props from a lot of TV shows on behalf of those productions once the props are no longer needed. Is there an official source Eon uses to sell props after a movie is completed?

  2. For previous movies, are there sources for Bond props that are reputable? I know there is stuff on ebay but I am always careful there. If you know regular sellers on there or other places that have a good reputation, I would love to know.

Thanks very much.

Hello General Pushkin,

Not even a COA is a strong guarantee in many cases, after all, what is it supposed to say, “Authentically stolen from the EON production”?

I’m happy to assist you with any kind of prop authentication. The strongest authenticity for a prop is its screen-accurate appearance and in whether you find the provenance (story/history) of the prop to be credible and told by a credible source.

The strongest body of prop knowledge online is at AJB007–I have the username Bond Collectors’ Weekends there. Site mods include EON production folks and prop makers, and folks there have all manner of Bond prop expertise including prop clothing/costuming, extraordinary Bond weapons knowledge, film props, replica prop making–my mailing list has people worldwide and if there’s something specific you’re trying to buy or trade for, I can likely hook you up.

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Thanks very much BondfanEvents!

I am not necessarily planning on buying right now but just looking into where to browse. I am guessing an Ebay is probably my bet?

I hear what you are saying on the certificate of authenticity. What I like about Screenbid is that they have an official relationship with TV productions that is publicly announced. I know collectibles are area that is filled with fakes.

eBay is sometimes good for replica props, but most genuine props have dried up there. Large auction houses and auction consolidators like The-Saleroom always have Bond items for sale, rotating through genuine posters and autographs to some good prop finds.

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Thanks for your advice. I need to start saving $ now so I can get some stuff!