Which Bond film do you defend to the death?


Haha just saw the Honest Trailer. The joke about Spectre’s action sequences feeling like Agent difficulty was priceless.


Oops the whole point of this thread is to defend a Bond film and I forgot to mention mine. It seems Thunderball is the arguably the most decisive Bond so I’ll go with that entry.

Yes, yes the underwater sequences are a bore, the pace is slow, the editing could have been better but I think all the classical Bond elements are there.



Or divisive?


Divisive. I am prone to grammatical errors.



Sean Connery

Tom Jones

Sort of licensed troubleshooter, he.


I used to be really passionate about defending Goldeneye. I still like the film, and there will always be a level of nostalgia, but the fire isn’t there for me in the same way anymore. I think Tomorrow Never Dies is the superior film, and the best of the Brosnan era. And I think it’s a good Bond film in general - in the TSWLM mold.


My thoughts about GE have changed in the same way. Was the film that made me a fan and was a huge part of my childhood. In hindsight, though, I can really see its flaws. TND holds up much better, whereas GE feels very dated.

That being said, I don’t think GE needs defending, as most fans regard it very highly.


I agree that Tomorrow Never Dies is the best of the Brosnan films. I think Goldeneye is nostalgic for it introducing many news fans to the series as well as for the excellent game. However, it has some strange flaws that mar the whole experience. Like why do all the Russian characters speak exclusively English, save for one henchman? Or why are all of Boris’s passwords in English?


I will defend Spectre to the death!
Best opening scene in a long long time, DC is at peak Bond , it is bombastic and overblown like others before it that came fourth but it’s cheeky fun all the way through.
The ebb of time will be kind to it as I believe it’s DC s Moonraker !
It shall be the one that is comfort watched on a cold wet day , sure other Bond movies are better films but for me, it passes the Moonraker test with aplomb.


Perfect! Had to laugh at this one…


TND is a true adventure and just more of an enjoyable film to watch. The tank chase in GE was fun at the time, and I suppose it still is. But to be honest I find it overrated now. TND’s motorcycle chase is better in my opinion, as is the BMW 750iL carpark scene.


The tank chase never worked for me. I always found it more exciting when Bond was the one being chased and the odds were against him: racing downhill unarmed on a single ski against an army of goons with machine guns, or driving a little 2CV to escape gunmen in more powerful cars.

In GE, it’s Bond doing the chasing, invincible in a gigantic armored tank and mowing down landmarks, civilian vehicles and cop cars along the way. Bond is in no danger at any point, so who cares? Hey, give me a tank and everyone else a car, and I’ll be a “hero,” too. Mostly it leaves me bored, when I’m not fretting about what innocent bystander Bond’s just killed now.


Not to mention, the embarrassing perrier product placement.


I’ve never loved GE the way many do, always felt TND was a better movie (though GE has a better Bond lady.) But I understand the soft spot fans have for the movie (and video game) that first made them a fan.


I’d agree overall that TND trumps Goldeneye but I just wish the design of the stealth boat was better: it just screamed generic action flick rather than the classic Bond style. However, Xenia was the last truly iconic henchperson and she absolutely made that film. That moment on the train when she says ‘He’s going to derail us’ and is just totally turned on at the thought of it😂 Mr Hinx could’ve been iconic but his thumbs were criminally underused😕


The man with the golden gun is the film I defend. It introduced me to the older films. It has a great movie villain in general, with Christopher Lee as Scaramanga. Its also more realistic then people give it credit for. The topic of energy is still a problem too this day. Some of its characters are flawed (J.W. Pepper is the series’ Jar Jar Binks). But Mary Goodnight could be redeemed with a adaption of Carte Blanche. Over some minor adjustments, and it could be one of the greats.


Wot you said.


For me: Thunderball.

Despite all the baggage (et al McClory), this was my 3rd cinematic witnessing.

The source of my favorite quote: “Sort of licensed troubleshooter.”

And Tom Jones belts the theme song with gusto.


Count me as another who loves the, seemingly, underrated “Thunderball”. I saw it again recently and think it a great Bond flick.


It sure didn’t need defending when it was released. Adjusted for inflation, it was EON’s highest grosser until Skyfall.