Which Bond film do you defend to the death?


OP and FYEO. Fantastic films.


Might as well post this in the “Shocking Bond Confessions” thread… The Bond film I defend to death is the one that needs it most. It has a stellar cast (among them Ian Fleming’s original choice for the role of 007), some of the industry’s biggest talents in the writing and directing department and one of the best scores of all the Bond films. It had more Oscar nominations than most of the other Bond mvies (one for best song) and it has more to do with the original novel than some other much loved Bond movies (TSWLM, for example). Yes folks, you guessed it. I’m talking about CR67.

No, really… I love the film for the terrible mess that it is. The perfect movie to watch when you come home half drunk (or more) at 4 in the morning from a party or a night on the town. You have some friends with you and decide that the night isn’t over, yet…

And it always reminds me to not take this whole Bond thing to damn serious…


Nice Stromberg… Its always a must for me to have a glass or two of brandy or whatever is your poison on hand whenever I watch CR67. I actually find it far more hilarious than any of the Austin Powers, Johnny English or most spy spoof films that I’ve seen. :laughing:


More misunderstanding of Octopussy.


So, according to Michael Sebastian, Goldfinger and Thunderball share the distinction of both being the third film in the series?
I have so much to unlearn.
As for Octopussy, there’s nothing like watching it, instead of going by someone else’s contempt.


Must be April 1st already…


Octopussy is a truely great Bond film: Kamal Khan is a fantastic villain, and Moore is at his best… “I need refilling.” Just watch his face and I defy you not to die!:clap::clap::clap:


OP is my favourite film of all time, and I agree it is often misunderstood 're the clown scene.


A seriously weird accounting.