Which film had James Bond defending the little people?

I remember some dialogue where James Bond mentions the little people in terms of them being downtrodden and he sticks up for them .
Please does anybody remember which film this dialogue came from?

thank you

Diamonds are Forever - in WW’s lab, in Vegas.

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thank you thank you thank you :slight_smile:

Again, thank you. People on quors kept saying
It wasn’t a James Bond book or movie. Before Connery became Bond, James Bond, he was in a movie called “Darby O’Gill and the Little People”. It was this performance that caught the eye of Cubby Brocolli’s wife. And the rest is history

To continue the thread, don’t the Bolivian farmers in QoS count as ‘little people’?


Definitely - though Bond isn’t actually involved in their plight; he merely uncovers (by accident) a scheme that will worsen their situation. It’s loosely related to that of YOLT’s Ama people, where it’s implied they are disturbed in their ways by Blofeld’s suicide garden.

But Bond is never the outright Tarzan-figure motivated by the concern of the ‘little people’ so much. In Moonraker - the book - he’s musing at the end how close the nannies in the park and all the other people came to be incinerated. And in the movie tie-in it’s emphasised how genetically perfect Drax’ crew is, so we mere mortals may feel relieved for not being sorted out of the gene pool.

Up to a point, any of the films, and some of the books too, pretends to stick it to the villains on behalf of the ordinary joes, especially so when WWIII is avoided. We all can identify with Bond to some extent and support his mission, even if we only take the tube or the bicycle to our day jobs.

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Depending on 'ow keen you are to get 'ome.


The movies where he spends the least amount of time defending the little people are DAF and TWINE. Seemingly using public money to help out BIG DIAMOND and M’s billionaire mates from school. Frankly M deserved that public enquiry.