Who do you want for Bond 7?


Watching the Bodyguard , became VERY tedious after Keeley Hawes left.
Watching the Take with Idris Elba, Madden was totally overshadowed by his co star.
In response to Vanya the producers will be looking for Bond 7 but the won’t be looking at Madden.


These ‘[insert name here] is the next Bond!’ stories are oh so boring. Whenever they need a filler they whack another one of these lies out.


It’ll be making the next film. Trying to cast Bond 7 when you don’t know if you’ll even have the same production partner come the time, let alone studio backer, is a fools errand and EON know it.


The guessing game really is only for people like us, folks.

But I’m looking forward to this “Bodyguard”-series. Maybe Madden would make a decent Bond. Just like Hiddleston, Turner and so on.


Assuming Moffat doesn’t do the obvious and cast Cumberbatch, it’ll interesting to see who will play his Dracula in the forthcoming series for the Beeb.

I’ve always thought that audition waiting rooms for Dracula and Bond would be very similar.

The actor needs to be blessed with machismo. The ever present taught relationship between sex and violence is alike, as is the tragedy of being condemned to loneliness; neither character can get close to a woman without more or less damning her to death (or worse). And of course they’re both assassins of a kind that rely heavily on seduction to get their way.

When Bond asked M if he should be half monk, half hitman he could just as easily asked if he should be half vampire.

When Moffat casts his Dracula he might want to look at the Bond contender list: Aiden Turner, Rupert Friend, Dan Stevens, Hiddleston, or even Craig himself. If his Dracs is older, then Dalton would be superb. My choice would be Tom Hardy; he could flip between articulate aristocrat and visceral beast, saying all with a grunt, or look (as he does with aplomb in the excellent BBC series Taboo).

Point is, Moffat’s Dracula could be the next Bodyguard in as much as the lead actor will probably be named the next Bond by the tabloids. And indeed, if Moffat casts to type, then it’ll be a good way to audition.

Btw, i have the same tiresome casting theory about Doctor Who and Sherlock; an actor who is good at one is probably going to be good at the other. Honest, it works!


Not terribly surprising the papers pick up The Bodyguard for this autumn‘s round of the Bond-of-the-season bingo…

That should earn Jodie Whittaker an interesting Sherlock reboot - only she’ll likely spend some time in that blue box first.


Given Sherlock’s current problem is how impossible it is to sync up up the respective schedules of Gatiss, Cumberbatch and Freeman, I don’t see Moffat, Vertue or anyone at Hartswood even slightly wanting to try it on another series.


Gatiss and Moffat agree with that. Matt Smith got the Eleventh Doctor gig by being “more suited for Sherlock” when he auditioned for the role of Watson.


Yes! To expand on that theory , are there any likely candidates around that haven’t been mentioned in the tabloid press? ( This forum is a much higher form of prose)
Only Stevens and Hoult come to mind …


Stevens at least has a firmer grounding than “Has worn a dinner jacket/nice suit”

He’s the narrator for Casino Royale’s audiobook, along with similarly brilliant Bond related and/or acclaimed actors, on the other books, such as Tanner (Rory Kinnear) Loki (Tom Hiddleston) Gustav Graves/James Bond (Toby Stephens) and The 10th Doctor (David Tennant).


Keanu Reeves and Michael Keaton are the definite WTF names on that list.


Keaton makes more sense than Mel Gibson…but that is relative.


Gibson was a real candidate though. While I don’t think he would have been a good choice I can at least see why he might have been considered. Keaton seems to only be there because he was Batman.


I think mid-80s Gibson, circa Mad Max / first 2 Lethal Weapons, would’ve have been very good in the role.

He’d have brought the same perfect of mix of visceral machismo and good acting chops that Connery and Craig have nailed.


Boy, we dodged a bullet with Gibson. Imagine all the drunken racist crap he’s done, and then imagine that he was the official James Bond actor while doing it.

Daniel Day-Lewis would have been really interesting, though I can’t imagine him accepting the role.


and Jason Connery isn’t?


If they ever adapt Pearson’s Bond memoir he’d be great as the retired spy


So…no, then?




Having seen “Bodyguard” I wouldn’t cast him as Bond either. Too young now, maybe never the right mix for that role.