Who do you want for Bond 7?

New York Times writes that Craig will return for Bond 25, making him the oldest actor to play Bond (at age 51) apart from of course Roger Moore. And the only actor apart from Moore and Connery playing Bond for more than four films.

It’s safe to say this will be Craigs last Bond film. Meaning that the next Bond actor won’t be playing the part before 2022. It’s virtually impossible to predict who would be a realistic candidate, but if I’d have to bet: my money is on Henry Cavill who will be 39 by then. I guess Adrian Turner, Rupert Friend, James Norton, Dan Stevens, Sam Claflin, Tom Hughes are also still young enough.

One thing is for sure, anyone close to or over 40 is off the list. Actors like Idris Elba, Tom Hardy, Michael Fassbender, Damian Lewis and Luke Evans.

Great artwork, Dalton. I really like Rupert as Peter Quinn in Homeland. He is tall enough, and has a certain debonair quality. I voiced my approval for him about a year ago. And, after his exit from Homeland, one p o n d e r s.

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I can’t claim to be someone who closely follows Homeland, but I have checked in on it from time to time and have always been impressed by Friend as Quinn. One of these days I’m going to go back and watch the show from the beginning.

Homeland: Season 4, Episode 2. Quinn in cafe with (large) landlady/girlfriend, responding to rude remarks by two patrons. This clip begs the quote “If Looks Could Kill,” as Quinn has the momentary 1000-yard stare before not killing one of the dupes.

This one cinched it for me for Rupert to be the next 007: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yKKNpAhvHGc

That’s a good scene. I’m also fond of the one where he sits in the guy’s bedroom in the dark waiting for him to come home. Thought that was a good Bondian moment for him as well.

Friend would be okay after Craig. I like Turner a lot, though. He really grew on me.

Never been a huge fan of Friend myself. Although he is a talented actor, I never thought he could really carry a film. Previous attempts like Hitman: Agent 47 and 5 Days of War didn’t really prove to me he has that star quality and is better served in supporting roles. Plus I kind of think his voice lacks the command a Bond actor should have. Say what you will about Craig’s look, but he has one hell of a voice.

His voice doesn’t really bother me that much. Now, granted, other Bonds have had more intimidating voices. That’s absolutely true, but I don’t find Friend’s to be any worse than say that of Pierce Brosnan.

He can probably also gruff it up a bit as well. He does sound a bit tougher on film (he has some good moments on Homeland) than in an interview like that, so I think he would be able to mold it enough to work for the part.

Bond actor ages at time of premiere. Possible Bond 25 actors in bold.

  • On Her Majesty’s Secret Service 12/18/69
    30 yrs 104 days. George Lazenby 9/5/39
  • Dr. No 10/5/62
    32 yrs 41 days. Sean Connery 8/25/30
  • From Russia with Love 10/10/63
    33 yrs 46 days. Sean Connery 8/25/30
  • Bond25 11/1/19
    33 yrs 127 days Sam Claflin 6/27/86
  • Bond25 11/1/19
    33 yrs 197 days Tom Hughes 4/18/86
  • Goldfinger 9/17/64
    34 yrs 23 days. Sean Connery 8/25/30
  • Bond25 11/1/19
    34 yrs 106 days James Norton 7/18/75
  • Thunderball 12/9/65
    35 yrs 106 days. Sean Connery 8/25/30
  • Bond25 11/1/19
    36 yrs 180 days Henry Cavill 5/5/83
  • You Only Live Twice 6/12/67
    36 yrs 291 days. Sean Connery 8/25/30
  • Bond25 11/1/19
    37 yrs 22 days Dan Stevens 10/10/82
  • Bond25 11/1/19
    38 yrs 31 days Rupert Friend 10/1/81
  • Casino Royale 11/14/06
    38 yrs 257 days. Daniel Craig 3/2/68
  • Bond25 11/1/19
    38 yrs 265 days. Tom Hiddleston 2/9/81
  • Bond25 11/1/19
    40 yrs 200 days Luke Evans 4/15/79
  • Quantum of Solace 10/29/08
    40 yrs 241 days. Daniel Craig 3/2/68
  • The Living Daylights 6/29/87
    41 yrs 100 days. Timothy Dalton 3/21/46
  • Diamonds are Forever 12/14/71
    41 yrs 111 days. Sean Connery 8/25/30
  • Bond25 11/1/19
    42 yrs 47 days Tom Hardy 9/15/77
  • GoldenEye 11/13/95
    42 yrs 181 days. Pierce Brosnan 5/16/53
  • Bond25 11/1/19
    42 yrs 213 days Michael Fassbender 4/2/77
  • Bond25 11/1/19
    42 yrs 284 days Adrian Turner 1/21/77
  • License to Kill 6/13/89
    43 yrs 84 days. Timothy Dalton 3/21/46
  • Tomorrow Never Dies 12/9/97
    44 yrs 207 days. Pierce Brosnan 5/16/53
  • Skyfall 11/23/12
    44 yrs 266 days. Daniel Craig 3/2/68
  • Live and Let Die 6/27/73
    45 yrs 256 days. Roger Moore 10/14/27
  • The World is Not Enough 11/8/99
    46 yrs 176 days. Pierce Brosnan 5/16/53
  • Bond25 11/1/19
    47 yrs 56 days. Idris Elba 9/6/72
  • The Man with the Golden Gun 12/19/74
    47 yrs 66 days. Roger Moore 10/14/27
  • SPECTRE 10/26/15
    47 yrs 238 days. Daniel Craig 3/2/68
  • Bond25 11/1/19
    48 yrs 263 days Damian Lewis 2/11/71
  • Die Another Day 11/20/02
    49 yrs 188 days. Pierce Brosnan 5/16/53
  • The Spy Who Loved Me 7/7/77
    49 yrs 266 days. Roger Moore 10/14/27
  • Bond25 11/1/19
    51 yrs 244 days. Daniel Craig 3/2/68
  • Moonraker 6/26/79
    51 yrs 255 days. Roger Moore 10/14/27
  • Never Say Never Again 10/7/83
    53 yrs 43 days. Sean Connery 8/25/30
  • For Your Eyes Only 6/24/81
    53 yrs 253 days. Roger Moore 10/14/27
  • Octopussy 6/6/83
    55 yrs 235 days. Roger Moore 10/14/27
  • A View to a Kill 5/22/85
    57 yrs 220 days. Roger Moore 10/14/27
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Tom Hardy

Funnily enough, I do equate Friend to Brosnan. Friend could nail a line about his tailor on Savile Row. He is tall enough, could maybe bulk up a bit. Lighting and camera angles are key to making an actor presentable in a role (Craig’s intro in Casino Royale… “Considerably”).

Tom Hardy is a popular favorite, but seems to be well established by this point in time, and might shy away from donating the rest of his career on a single role.

We all have our ideas, but Barbara and Michael will no doubt surprise us all when the announcement comes.

I saw the new version of Murder On The Orient Express yesterday and - while the film itself was okay, kind of amusing, but not great - seeing the actor Tom Bateman in period dress made me think, Hmm, here might be a good candidate for Bond in about 4 or 5 years. Yes, he’s a bit of a pretty boy which I usually loathe with a passion, but perhaps age and experience might be give him some needed “grit” and depth. Besides, he’s a got a fabulous deep growly voice, which also seems to be an advantage.

Aidan Turner is only 34 not 42. He’s currently my “dark horse” candidate.

I also noticed Tom Bateman in “Murder On the Orient Express.” Potential Bond crossed my mind as well. I can’t recall if I’ve seen him in anything else but he was quite enjoyable in “Murder” and had the funniest line in the film.

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Personally i think we’re beyond the point where a Bond candidate needs to look good in a tux to be cast. Acting chops that can portray Bond’s inner life, along with sex appeal (in that order) are the only remaining requirements in the post Craig Bond world-verse.

On a side note i just saw a trailer for the BBC drama McMafia (that has to be the worst title for a thriller i’ve ever heard). It stars Nick Marston, who’s been getting a few Bond mentions. The trailer features him looking tense a lot and running around with a silenced pistol, so expect his name be to back in the mix.

I don’t like him for Bond - something a bit too Eton about him. I know that makes no sense since Bond went to Eton, but Bond didn’t particularly fit in to Eton, whereas i feel Marston would. However, i’ll try to keep an open mind until i’ve watched it.

Nick Marston? He’s a producer, not an actor.

What is it?

Indeed, I meant James norton.

Thanks for the heads up.

I could definitely see it. He’s got that lean, mean, wolfish look. He reminds me a bit of Edward Fox back in the day.

[quote=“odd_jobbies, post:15, topic:111, full:true”]
Personally i think we’re beyond the point where a Bond candidate needs to look good in a tux to be cast. Acting chops that can portray Bond’s inner life, along with sex appeal (in that order) are the only remaining requirements in the post Craig Bond world-verse. [/quote]

But seeing an actor in a tux or a suit, and clean-shaven with a short haircut, helps me visualize an actor as a potential Bond much more than, say, the same actor wearing long hair/beard/workout gear/ flip flops (just as an example) .

Acting is of course the most important thing. As is attitude. But Bond has always had a classic style and the odds that any new actor will be outfit in a suit/ tux at some point are pretty good.

That’s why a good casting team are worth their weight in gold; they see past the obvious - don’t recall seeing Craig in a tux before Bond :slight_smile:

But he had worn many a suit (Tomb Raider, Archangel, and EONS cited influence, Layer Cake) and wears them well.