Wishlisting: Bond 2020s

It’s a new decade (it is: fie to those proclaiming it starts in 2021. we are none of us born at age one. Imagine the pain).

With new enemies and new threats (there’s a cheery start for yer).

But you can still rely on one man (…to appear in no more than a couple of films).

By the time we get to 2029, assuming the planet’s still going by then, what would you have wanted 2020s James Bond to have achieved?

We’ll get a new Bond - unless they decide to stop making the films (unlikely but can’t rule it out). We might get two changes of actor? It would be nice to have more than a couple of films to whine about. Would like to see more books, but only if “in date” (the Horowitzs have been very jolly, not averse to more from him). Wouldn’t be averse to a Nolan Bond. Wouldn’t be averse to a non-Caucasian Bond (although I think it’s very unlikely). Definitely wouldn’t be averse to a period Bond film (although that’s even more unlikely than the previous one). This is a fairly low threshold but would be interested to see what expectations people have as we reach a point that Ian Fleming has been dead as long as he was alive. Whither Bond?


My wishlist consists of one wish with consequences:

  • at least four new Bond films, with the next one to be released in 2022, starring a new main actor and a new supporting cast not appearing in more than a few expository scenes.

Which means containing the Craig era as a full and completed arc by itself. Having the Mi6 crew continue with another actor breaks the continuity and the idea of Bond as played by Craig coming full circle with NO TIME TO DIE.

The biggest wish then would be that EON and MGM or whichever studio will pick up the distribution side will not wait out the decade to continue. Granted, 2022 probably will be unrealistic to restart and reboot. But if they again fall into the irritating abyss of financial and contractual quarreling and only come out of it because MGM needs cash in about five years, we will get two more films at best before the decade is over.

And man, I´m not getting younger. Being 60 in 2030 sounds great just for still being alive, of course, but at this rate the idea of seeing about six new films before I’m 80… nah, c´mon.

More Bond films, please. And make them good. That’s my wish.


Looking at the upcoming films from MGM that arn’t Bond…I wouldn’t get your hopes up

Edit: my studio namesake is a coincidence.


Wishlist for the next decade…
Four or Five films would be great, but even three would be a decent haul , as long as they are passionately executed.
I would appreciate a new “great” James Bond ( ethnicity unimportant as long as the accent is British ) however after Craig, I think we will get a one shot 007 , which I wouldn’t be adverse to either (two Jimmys! Great! )
This is quite likely we will get a Lazenby prior to another longhauler…
Agree with @secretagentfan a change of staff will help a new Bond create their own interpretation of the role.
I would like to see some TV writers given a shot at some scripts like Jed Mercurio for example, but there are many around the world.


A great new Bond who makes the role their own - Aidan Turner is my choice.
Three or four new films (More the better, but being realistic)
Hopefully one Bond for the entire decade and perhaps longer.
Horowitz to write at least one more novel.
Dynamite to continue their comics, and continue/hopefully complete their Fleming adaptations.
Very wishful thinking, but for videogames to start up again at some point.
The complete series released on 4K.
More expanded soundtracks.


The 4K collection will be out just in time for 8K…


The fantasy list:

More than 3 movies.

Like the Craig era, a plan, rather than whatever they think sells at a given point in time.

Keep up the quality over quantity (which shouldn’t negate more than 3 movies a decade).

Talent that brings something, rather than tradesman that deliver product.

Nolan or Villineuve setting the template with bond 26 & 27, which may mean a back to back intro for bond 7, given how in demand they are. Risky, but worth it.

Finally get out from under the MGM umbrella of doom.


Yeah, I agree. CR and SF surpass the best of the Brosnan era in my book (GE and TND), as does SPECTRE - save for the disappointing final act. NTTD seems to be of the same quality, and the talent they’re attracting is promising. So indeed, I’d like them to continue on this train.

Just increase the output if at all possible!

More to my fantasy list:

A move away from the DB5 and new trademark vehicles created.
A remaining original Fleming title or chapter/reference used.
A more suave characterisation but still hard nosed - think the new comics.
More of the fantastical elements - (Blofeld’s crater base, Safin’s lair)


My wishes for the 2020s? Oddly enough, I haven’t yet spent a lot of thought about this.

Obviously more films per decade - at least a few more if at all possible. Pretty please!

Then again, if I had to choose between more films and a more solid home for the films I’d probably choose the latter; also quality over quantity, though I’d say they don’t exclude one another.

Obviously the search for Craig’s successor will be going on full speed the night of NO TIME TO DIE’s premiere, which of course is also our bread and butter here. That said, I could do without the tabloid trash articles that are mainly based on some player or other manipulating the betting markets - often enough the grey and black variety in Asia.

Also I would hate to see another “…is NOT Bond!!!” idiocy screamed at the top of their toddler tantrum lungs from the net. This kind of stuff is straight for the psychiatrist couch. As fans we don’t agree on everything, that’s a given. But we cannot, even as fans, expect the series’ future to develop along our preferences.

Yes, we have the right to be disappointed, to disagree with whatever creative decisions are made at Eon’s fifth floor. But after a given number of films there’s really only one good medicine for that, tasting bitter but helpful nonetheless: simply grow up, just move on and continue with your live. I’d like to give this advice to the people who have crossed, perhaps without realising it, the line from fan to fanatic.

Literary Bond: I’ve been very invested in that branch over the decades. Somehow though I’ve cared less and less over the recent years. Obviously I still have to give Horowitz a second chance since the responses are so positive. And maybe I’d find the current line of comics adapting Fleming also to my liking.

What I would like to see would be a graphic novel that really uses its potential, the way Charlie Higson did with Young Bond and that came so unexpected from out of the blue. Maybe by an artist like Jason Lutes or Eddie Campbell.

This would probably not be a classic comic book format and likely not use the distinctive look we’ve come to expect from the films. But if it’s not in any way ‘canon’ and not restricted by monthly sales (or trying to sell stuff), why then not go the full distance? I was intrigued by the secret military installations using steam engines in case of an EMP attack mentioned in Eidolon - why not show the actual attack and its consequences?

Bond is often at his best when there’s a touch of the bizarre involved. Perhaps the best medium to realise that would be the comics and I’d like to see it happen.


Here’s my wish list for the 2020s:

Henry Cavill named as the new James Bond 007.

At least three, preferably four James Bond films.

Bond 25 ending with 007 losing his memory and being captured by SPECTRE.

Bond 26 starting with the new 007 actor attempting to assassinate M from the scene in The Man With The Golden Gun novel.

EON finally getting free from the MGM albatross which has to either sell off its Bond rights or go defunct.

Like sharpshooter said, more expanded 007 soundtracks specifically: Dr. No, The Man With The Golden Gun, The Spy Who Loved Me, Moonraker, Octopussy, A View To A Kill, Licence To Kill, and GoldenEye.

And more Bond novels. Anthony Horowitz would be the preferred option whether he continues mid-Fleming timeline or post-Fleming timeline. But I would be fine with a new continuation author whether it’s post-Fleming, post-Benson, or even (gasp!) post-Deaver.

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A Bond movie opening on November 7, 2025. Was so close to having a Bond movie opening on my birthday (Quantum originally Nov 7, thanks Harry Potter!), then NTTD moved from Nov 8th (with previews Nov 7 no doubt) to February, I mean April, 2020.) Closest I got was Skyfall 7 minutes after midnight on November 8 (0:0:07 starting time…get it?)

Good music–score and hopefully title songs.

Given the way politics are going…more martinis. Shaken, stirred, … don’t give a damn.

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  1. For the franchise to ignore anything from the #MeToo movement. Fingers crossed the PC agenda hasn’t infested No Time To Die but I’m skeptical…VERY skeptical.

  2. Modern Bond novels. Thanks to Boyd and Horrowitz I’m done with reading Bond in the past. I threw out Forever and a Day after Chapter 10 (Bond WOULD know the difference between water and acid) Horrowitz had his two, that’s enough.

  3. Find an unkown, convincing Scottish or Australian actor to play Bond. I mean, I guess Cavell would be ok but I don’t know. Keep M, Q, and Moneypenny.

  4. Depeche Mode for a theme song. It’s about time.

  5. The relationship between Blofield and Bond needs a retcon. Make SPECTRE more sinister.

  6. NO.MORE. BETRAYALS! We’ve had 25 years of constant backstabbing traitors of some sort in the franchise and I’d die a happy man if that were to end.

  7. IF Lashawna Lynch’s character turns out to be popular, then please give her a spinoff…but do it RIGHT. But please without this modern 3rd wave feminist arrogance that’s sadly predominating hollywood.

  8. For No Time To Die to be an actual Bond adventure and not an emasculation of James Bond.

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  • More than 2 movies
  • New villains rather than redoing old ones
  • No Nolan (SP was close enough)

I wouldn’t mind continuity with the MI6 actors but if they want to start fresh, that’s fine too.

No it wasnt. Any attempt to replicate another director will never be the real thing. To say Spectre is a Nolan film is like saying The Gentlemen is the same as The Godfather.


Bring back Bond video games in the manner the comics have been; their own beast rather than tie -ins

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I agree with the MGM bit, of course, and certainly more films, and plan too, but I don’t agree with the idea of “tradesman that deliver product”. To me, that’s just (I’ll whisper it) snobbery, which is always a big bugbear of mine (I once upbraided a friend of mine for eating a piece of cake with a spoon!), so please don’t feel that I’m singling you out for this. I don’t believe in auteurs, am disappointed when I see some directors with vanity credits, and chafe when someone refers to “journeymen directors”.

People like John Glen get belittled around here, but they are professionals with careers - and, in Glen’s case, he had a fine first career as an editor, which was a respectable apprenticeship and an excellent way to know what it’s like to be on the receiving end of an instruction.

While I’m up here, does anyone want to buy some soap? :slight_smile:


Absolutely agreed. One needs a good director. Not necessarily an acclaimed one.

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Not surprisingly, given how much we usually agree, this could be my list too.

I think it’s certainly possible to have four films this decade, because the next one comes out at the very beginning of it. An early spring 2020 release for NTTD means that production for Bond 26 could conceivably start in late summer 2021 for a traditional, late autumn 2022 release.

But this is Eon, shackled to MGM, with a painfully protracted search for another actor ahead of them. So, as much as I like to be optimistic, I’m wary of being unrealistic, and us Bond fans must find the balance in that.


I always felt SF was as near to Nolan as damn it - the moody, self-consciously realistic tone (if not, consistently, in its pockmarked narrative) and an emphasis on cinematography and directive flair (the sniper fight scene, for example, and lingering shots of landscapes). But as I’ve never watched the same Nolan film twice (I’ve seen six, and only enjoyed Insomnia), I may not be the best person to judge.

The search will be the crucial part of this new decade, and its outcome will no doubt decide a lot about the future direction. In an ideal world Eon would make their mind up in a way that allows the new MGM guy and the new studio partners to convince themselves it was their own idea from the start.

But in an ideal world several things would be different altogether…


Got nothing against Journeymen - i’m one myself! I’m just going by the past 30 odd years of Bond. I personally like the more ‘artistic’ direction Bond has taken over the past 4 movies and the common denominators (Craig aside) have been a willingness to spend bigger on writers, directors and their teams (Deakins). I’d like that to continue, whatever it’s called :slight_smile:

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