Y Z, G? Do you know why?

Why does Goldfinger choose a “Z” for his gold bars’ vanity mark? I’ve searched again today and found . . . Zip. Zilch.

Goldfinger did keep some of his gold in Zurich but also in other cities around the world. Anyone?

What I’ve always wanted to know is, in the movie version, when Bond drops the large gold bar on the putting green - where exactly did he pull that bar from?

It’s not a big deal but that shot always looked so awkward…

His large golf bag.

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What I mean is if you look at the scene he is standing on the green (far from his large golf bag) with no gold bar then it just drops to the ground.

The only possible place he could have produced it from is his pants pocket, but if you can fit a gold bar that size and weight in the pocket of your golf pants you have much different pants than I…

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His hat? His trousers? A secret compartment in the green, designed by Q?

It just looks great.

But where does Bond keep the poison dart for his wrist thingee when he goes up to the space station?

In the glove compartment of his invisible car, naturally.

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I was being humorous.

Was able to finally visit Stoke Po last month. That clubhouse is gigantic!

Now, back to the OP. Why Z, G?

In alchemical symbolism, the Z is one of the symbols for gold, just like Au (Auric) is in the periodic table of elements.

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Interesting article, by the way, on the use of gold in “Goldinger”:

Well done! Had another look, gold was often a round symbol in alchemy (brightness of the sun) but was indeed variants of Z in other texts. THANKS!

Nice article, though I’ve seen more in-depth on the Nazi bar from the book.