003 Reporting for Duty...Again!


Headed back to London for Fleming’s 110th and the book launch festivities along with a few other things I didn’t get round to back in January. I’ve already touched base with some IFF folks and a few of the usual suspects. I’m also going to return to a few haunts I haven’t been back to in some time. Might have to knock on Eon’s door and ask them what’s going on. :wink:

Me in London for ten days… What could possibly go wrong?.. No… Really.

Just hoping for the same flight crew on my VA flight over. I’m sure the lovely ladies will look after me.

Wrapping up things today and flying out tomorrow evening. Reports from the field to follow. I believe the Admiral has cleared everything with the PM for me to operate domestically… Hope he has. Might get a bit embarrassing at customs.

Life of a spy. Cheers all! :sunglasses:


Happy landings, Mr Bryce.


Safe travels!

If you visit Eon House we will leave it to your discretion if you want a “clean kill” or to “send a message”…

…because leaving things to your discretion during international travel has worked out so well before :roll_eyes: :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Hey… That only happened twice… okay…five times…:thinking::neutral_face:


Have a splendid trip and enjoy the hell out of it…:sunglasses:


Do your thing, Sir. We´re all counting on you.


Have fun!!!


No pressure then. Flat is locked up and headed to LAX soon. My upgrade on Virgin Atlantic came through. Tough work this business of ours. CBn needs it’s own jet. Custom Gulfstream 6 would do nicely for all. I’ll work on that. Cheers all!


I opted to “send a message”. Obviously it worked.


Alright… whenever I get to L.A. I’m buyin’… :flushed: :sunglasses:


Enjoy Mr. Bryce! I never got round to having a martini at Dukes on my trip in March, or to have one at the Savoy as you suggested, so please be sure to have one for me if it’s in your plans. :sunglasses:


Lovely night out with some Bond fans taking over a pub across from MI6.


Brilliant tux, Bryce. Both in look and fit.

Deep navy or black?


Bond is back.


Black, but it’s Bryce tux v5.0 and I debated over going with the midnight blue double breasted ala’ Roger’s from Spy. Opted for the black, shawled lapels. Double vents and single button. No school like the old school.
SAF - I never left. :wink:


Target acquired and seized.


Back from Harrods with a bag full…of bears. Lava, Gala, Irish Kitty…The list is endless. Thank God (Fleming) they didn’t all want jewelry. I do rather like this chap. He demanded a cold pint as he’d been on a shelf for three months. Can’t say I blame him. :wink:


The mission winds down. Off to Jermyn street and possibly to pick up a few shirts and then have my lighter serviced at Dunhill. Proper bite along the way and the prepping for the event at Southbank tonight with some of the usual (unusual?) suspects. “You don’t meet many normal people in this business Q.” :wink: Enjoying the book as well. I’ll be giving my thoughts in the appropriate thread when the time comes. Onward!


Enjoy, Sir! Looking forward to the full (book) report!


‘Book Report’… Reminds me of grade three but they wouldn’t allow me to use the Fleming’s other than Chitty. :laughing: