003 Reporting for Duty...Again!


Back from rounds and plans set for tonight. Dunhill now operating at full power along with it’s 82 different functions. :wink: (if you got that, top marks) and two new shirts from T&A. Mr. Young would approve. On to the evening’s events and meeting up with our own Simon at Rules on Sunday. Fine holiday this.


Be sure to get table #9!


Sounds like Flint…


Well played. That earns you a top shelf whiskey on Sunday. :wink:


“When one is in London, one must delve deeply into it’s treasures.” The Hell that is my life.


And he does it without ever having to surrender his passport!



Yeah…and then she introduced me to the other bunnies. Life of a spy…If I get any sleep…“Then I shall cut out The white bread Sir.”


No time for reading that night then?


My bad… Well, naughty, but certainly not… too… bad. “Section 26, Paragraph 5”. Can’t wait to explain the bunny ears as a souvenir rather than a purchase at customs.


“When one is in London, one must delve deeply into it’s treasures.” The Hell that is my life.

We’ve always been close.


Not around others snookums. :kissing_heart:


I think wearing those bunny ears has triggered my gout.


Lovely meet up with Simon at Rules today.

Simon, excellent shop talk for 2+ hours. We’ll meet again.



Absolutely superb. Thoroughly entertaining.

Safe trip back sir.

Until the next.


Dinner at Scott’s and meeting Ace in the morning. Nightcap and dessert at the Rivoli. Now to pack bears and books. THANK YOU LONDON and I’ll see you in November. No… You know the rest. :wink:

Some more pics to follow.

EDIT: Had to include the farewell. :wink:


“Gentleman…Your mission…Should you choose to accept it, is to infiltrate the lives of several beautiful ladies, gain their adoration, witness them parading about in their lingerie and then cuddle up with them. Should any of you be captured or interrogated, CBn, 003 and the staff of Harrods will disavow any knowledge of your manufacturing in China (or thereabouts). Good Luck.”

All four did not hesitate and promptly have willingly climbed into a Harrods bag. Keep them in your thoughts. Brave, fine bears.