003 Reporting for Duty...Again!


I am habitually faced with the same dilemma.

Did my leedle present arrive?


Yes Jim. Even Gala smiled when she saw the box of scorpions. "Dear Jim…He hasn’t changed bless him. " She didn’t mind helping round up the last few. Well played as always and also very thoughtful.


Navy007 - Shout out from Gala for the Birthday wishes. She remembered you and sends her thanks. Strong possibility (given) that she’s going to return to the fold and re-register at CBn. Her fandom and affection for Bond “never left”. :sunglasses:


But… the scorpions weren’t me. Mine was the partially undernourished leopard - Geoff - hiding in the minibar.

Patently, I have a rival in the orchestration of a passably amusing death for you. This requires investigation. Meanwhile, don’t have the fish.


Well, with heavy heart, but brave faces, Gala and I said our farewells but Damn if we didn’t have a grand time of it. Many pictures to sort through, but this is my current #1. Both appropriate and ironic as she lounged about with her tea.


Well, made it back to London and meeting up with ACE for lunch and a mission debrief on operation “Live and Let Dubai”. More reports from the field to follow.


Sir, I daresay you won’t be in London until Sunday coming?

I am currently in the Bahamas, staying at the hotel used in NSNA (British Colonial Hilton) for the week. Back Saturday.

Would have loved to buy you a drink.

Hope the trip is looking after you.



Good on you Simon! I’m off back to La-La Land Thursday, but enjoy your holiday. Next time my friend. Cheers.


Because we had to. “Dinner Jackets” :wink:


Cracking. :slight_smile: