"007's Road to a Million" Series From MGM on Amazon Prime

Its In the Daily star hee in blighty already


Even though this was in the works long before the MGM-Amazon deal, it may be enough to get Amazon off EON’s backs for a while. A compromise of sorts between Amazon wanting to mine their newly acquired IP’s and EON not wanting to do spin-offs. It’s not ideal, or even remotely appealing, but might be enough to keep everyone satisfied while the true nature of this deal comes to light.


For a time it should.

Backstage meanwhile there’s the hunt for a new Bond and a new production that should at least produce seizable results of one form or another by the end of the year, if not sooner now that the Oscars are out of the way and Bond must earn money again.

Should there be no news by then it’s safe to assume they are stuck until one side gives way for a compromise.

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And of course there’s the The Sound of 007 documentary coming out in October 2022 to occupy them with as well.

Presumably it is getting an update after last nights Oscar win.