"007's Road to a Million" Series From MGM on Amazon Prime

Already casting season 2?

Well, with the strike going on reality tv will be the thing they fill their schedules with.


They must really have faith in it to be casting a second series already.

It will be interesting to see how the first series does, Amazon after all, are not renowned for promoting their projects.

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How I would have loved to see Idris Elba as Bond fighting Brian Cox as villain…


Just give AI a few more years! Personally, this is how I want each contestant ushered off the show:



Trailer’s out:


So, David Arnold has composed the music for the main titles, if someone is interested.


Interesting that Gregg Wilson was the one being interviewed…


He is clearly being set to take over his dad’s role when MGW retires.


A couple quick notes on that premiere…

In the few articles I read, they used the phrase “Bond producers Barbara Broccoli and Gregg Wilson.”

A quote from Gregg:

"No plans on making the next Bond at this stage. There will be another Bond someday, but we’re not actively developing it.”

A few pics…



Brian Cox: “I’ve always wanted to play a Bond villain”

And yet, here we are, having wasted him on this.


Did anybody watch this?

I just noticed that all of it became available on November 10th. Now I am weary of the commitment…

Nope. Absolutely refuse to. Not going to help inflate their viewership numbers. Watching it sanctions it and lets EON know that this is something that I would want from them moving forward.


So, Gala and I have been championed amongst our friends about this debacle. “Bryce & Brand” taking on some basic history and theatrical bit of fun?
We would have been counting the money after the first episode.
No, really…

And we both would have preferred Jim as our task master…He had the courtesy to send Scorpions to us in Dubai…Yes…Really.


I haven’t seen it either but I saw it listed in Prime Video yesterday as the #2 most watched thing they have on offer, so somebody is. Or maybe that’s just #2 among “Amazon Originals,” I never can tell how those things work.


Okay, I watched the first episode - well for five minutes, after that I had to fast forward because it is so massively boring it is mindboggling that EON actually did that. It does not get better in the second episode which I had to fast forward through, too. Then I skipped through the last episode to the ending to find out who gets the million - and that is also crushingly under-average for any Reality Show.

Three major problems: despite the top photography of the locations, the moment absolutely average persons turn up in these, talking like real people (not entertaining), the discrepancy between Bond style and real life is horribly revealed. Hence, the whole proceedings appear as if my teenage buddies and me could have made this up. “Hey, wouldn’t it be cool if we did that and that, in the locations of a Bond movie?”

And Brian Cox has to link these “tasks” with playing the bad guy who is sitting in his control room. Whoa, how exciting… I only hope this was his road to a million. Or make that 10, just for the shame of it.

Also, they use scores from the actual Bond films, diminishing their value - or saving money on this ridiculous exercise in - what, really?

Did Amazon come up with this idea and put it in the contract? Or did EON just think: oh, that absurd show is enough for the next couple of years, and the mass audience is dumb enough to watch this?

C´mon! Stop fooling around here. No second season for this utter expletive!

Make Bond films. Now.


They’re already casting for seson 2…

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Couldn’t agree more. I’m not interested in game shows. Put that energy elsewhere.