"007's Road to a Million" Series From MGM on Amazon Prime

From FFC’s press conference this morning:

“I fear that the film industry has become more of a matter of people being hired to meet their debt obligations because the studios are in great, great debt. And the job is not so much to make good movies, the job is to make sure they pay their debt obligations,” Coppola said in response to a question from Variety . “Obviously, new companies like Amazon and Apple and Microsoft, they have plenty of money, so it might be that the studios we knew for so long, some wonderful ones, are not to be here in the future anymore.”


I haven’t watched one episode and I won’t be. I won’t even watch the trailer for the second series because I’m simply not interested. Instead of making new memories they’re again relying on past glories. At this point the film franchise is dead and I’ll wake up when they’re serious about resurrecting it.


That’s been more or less what the current leadership at EON has been about for quite a while now. The films are more reliant on self awareness and self references that they ceased to be anything particularly original a while ago. I’m not sure that anything short of a complete overhaul, from top to bottom, of the creative team behind the films could result in a fresh take on Bond at this point.

I refuse to watch even a second of this as well. Giving this series even a single look sends EON and Amazon a signal that this is an acceptable path forward for the Bond franchise.


The single look I gave season one was not only disappointing for Bond but also for reality shows.

It simply must be a contractual necessity for EON, something to please Amazon with product.

But while I still give EON credit for taking care of the Bond films for so long now, sidestepping developments which in lesser hands would have been really upsetting, the feeling that they don’t really know how to proceed is getting stronger.


I’ve been a fan of EON’s for 25 movies now. Not about to bail now.

Not a question of bailing. Only speculation based on what is currently released.