2022: the 60th anniversary - your wishlist

The “60 Years of Bond” charity auction raised $7,393,745 - 5 times the estimate


Omega’s 60th anniversary watches…

The 2nd one features 18K Canopus gold in green and yellow diamonds in tribute to the Jamaican flag, and a natural grey silicon dial inspired by the sands of Goldeneye. It comes in a box made from the wood of a mango tree.


My word that bejewelled one is garish.
Nothing better to celebrate the 60th anniversary of a swarve and sophisticated secret agent than a yellow and green diamond encusted bezel.
The face is inspired by the sands of Goldeneye? If they say so (honestly sounds like the spiel football kit manufacturers put out about their kits each year)

The blue face is great, just being an update of the beautiful Goldeneye - CR look. I like that the gunbarrel/60th logo is on the caseback.


All these special editions are really getting ludicrous…

I’m just gonna set this right here…


Well, it is nice! And I suppose if I had to, I could leave my central heating off for the next 3 months :smile:


Noting at all about this suggests ‘James Bond’. The Jamaica flag colours but that’s all.

In fact it’s exactly the type of thing Fleming (and Bond) would find vulgar. To imply the face is somehow ‘inspired’ by the sands of Fleming’s home, therefore linking this to him, is incredibly tacky (not to mention using the Jamacan flag as an excuse to shove those diamonds on it and charge that much - any of the £137k going towards Jamaca?)

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Personally, I don’t need crazy expensive watches, vaguely related to Bond. Why not release something simpler and less expensive that normal people can afford like finally the movies on 4K discs?

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137,000 for a watch? Yeah, I’m going to have to say ‘no’ to that, not that I have the means to say ‘yes’ to it anyway. I mean, I get the idea of wanting a fancy watch as some kind of a status symbol or whatnot, but at the end of the day, it tells the time. I can get a watch at Walmart for 10-20 that will do that for me. My cell phone can tell me the time.


And if you choose the right phone wallpaper, it too can be inspired by the sands of Goldeneye.