5 Bond film scenes which always make you feel happy

We all love the films - some more than others. But we return to them because they elicit the kind of positive emotional response that makes us forget our problems for a while.

So, let’s share those moments here.

My (current) top five Bond film scenes which make me feel happy:

  1. Bond escaping in his Lotus by driving… into the ocean. And then coming to the surface, dropping a fish out of the window.

  2. The PTS of “Goldfinger”: Bond doing his job, enjoying himself and shaking off a near-death experience with a nonchalant quip. And then the song and the titles kick in.

  3. Bond being interrogated by Silva, with this villainous mirror image making fun of Bond in the most amused and amusing way - and Bond remaining calm.

  4. Bond driving a tank through St. Petersburg, adjusting his tie while mayhem is going on around him.

  5. Bond and Necros fighting aboard the plane… and then the cargo door opens and they fall outside, barely hanging on, with Bond finally using his brains to win the fight by cutting his shoelaces.


Here goes…

  1. Bond kissing himself and jumping into the lift with Peter Franks " Who is your floor? " Crack,smash, fight. Bliss.
  2. The steamroom scene between Bond and Xenia Onatop. Brosnan’s best moment as Bond IMO.
  3. Lazenby’s pre title sequence leading up to a great musical credit sequence, I love the nod to the audience.
  4. “Madame I’ve come to offer my sincere condolences” smack! Great fight and Connery at his most callous/ cool/ lethal.
  5. The sequence in LALD where Bond meets Solitaire and Mr Big for the first time. I love Moore’s cheeky delivery and it makes me smile every time.

Here’s some that come to mind in no particular order:

  • Moore winking inside the ambulance/sliding his bed closer to the fire extinguisher and his opponent crashing into the ‘we’ll take more care of you’ sign.

  • Connery and Tanya’s downtime inside the train cabin.

  • Craig recovering at Lake Como with Vesper and asking Mendel if he brought any chocolates.

  • Lazenby tossing Moneypenny his hat before driving away from the wedding.

  • Brosnan seemingly near death, flashing back to his torture. When all seems lost, the very origins of the cinematic Bond (Dr No’s gunbarrel) resurrects him. “Thanks for the kiss of life.”


My list: (listed 1-6, but really in no particular order)

  1. Bond revealing his winning hand against Le Chiffre

  2. Pretty much the entirety of Tomorrow Never Dies

  3. Draco arguing with the control tower while flying to Piz Gloria with the sunrise as a backdrop

  4. The tanker chase in Licence to Kill

  5. The burglar-protected Lotus and subsequent low-road chase

  6. Connery’s entire demeanor during the Klaus Hergerscheimer sequence

PS- I included 6 as I realized that I had one sequence from every actor and was missing one by the end.


Great thread, but crikey, a hard one to choose. Here goes…

  1. Bond’s Moonraker Jaws dropping pre title escape gives me everything I want from Bond: effortless cool, mind boggling danger and some ridiculous attempts at humour that should never have been attempted… but I’m kind of glad they did!

  2. Bond’s night time breaking and entering the Whytehouse. Connery just exudes Bond as he adjusts his lapel flower while stepping onto the elevator and Barry’s score is haunting and perfect. Landing on the toilet is a great pay off and then we go into my favourite set in the whole series… just ace!

  3. Tim’s escape from the divers is pure Bond: from firing his harpoon to escape his enemies’ clutches, to the outrageous waterskiing, to dumping the pilot out of the plane and circling the Wavekrest to rub it in. An outstanding and exhilarating sequence that only Bond can pull off.

  4. George flirting outrageously with the angels of death over tea at Piz Gloria. Despite some dubious racial stereotypes over what each girl eats that really are hard to watch, this scene fizzes with fun and chemistry as Irma tries and fails to keep a tight rein on proceedings.

  5. Just a little thing this, but it puts a smile on my face without fail. After an hour of angry CraigBond in QoS, the way he escapes his MI6 captors in the hotel atrium is pure old Skool Bond. The way he moves like a panther here reminds me of Connery in the Shrublands scenes of Thunderball, and the Bond theme reappearing in the score is perfect timing.

Not my definitive list by any means, but 5 moments that popped into my head and made me smile :blush:


Interesting, Diamonds are Forever keeps popping up in these moments…


It’s just a happy film with a very funny script that doesn’t take itself at all seriously. As long as you watch it with that mindset, what’s not to love? And Elrond House just looks stunning!


I think the main issue with DAF is it’s jarring change in tone following OHMSS. It doesn’t seem like a natural follow-up. Though Connery does seem to be having quite a lot more fun than he was in YOLT.


Agreed on both counts. As a trio of films, YOLT, OHMSS and DAF are a right old lucky dip that don’t follow in any way, shape or form. However, as individual films to enjoy, each on its own merits, they’re absolute classics. Connery definitely seems to be enjoying the more comedic aspects of DAF.


I’m going to follow theSpectre’s example and choose one from every Bond actor:

Sean Connery: In Thunderball, a gun-wielding Vargas slowly approaches an unsuspecting Bond who suddenly uncoils and shoots him with a harpoon gun before saying, “I think he got the point.” My favorite 007 one-liner.

George Lazenby: Bond’s fight with Che-Che in On Her Majesty’s Secret Service. I’m always impressed with how intense and in the moment Lazenby’s expressions are in this fight. He really looks like he’s putting in a physical effort and is really fighting.

Roger Moore: Bond skis off a cliff and, after several seconds of free-falling, opens a parachute that reveals a Union Jack motif in The Spy Who Loved Me. Nothing screams 007 more than that.

Timothy Dalton: During the tanker truck chase in Licence To Kill, Bond gets his 18-wheeler to drive on 9 wheels. Only Bond would try that and succeed at it. And I love how the Stinger missile just whizzes by the upraised undercarriage, missing it by inches.

Pierce Brosnan: Bond is the ultimate backseat driver as he outmaneuvers Stamper’s men by remote control all throughout the car park in Tomorrow Never Dies. It’s a fun scene and Brosnan is clearly enjoying himself in it.

Daniel Craig: Bond going to extremes to chase down Mollaka in a free-running battle of physicality vs. finesse in Casino Royale. A great example of Bond’s ability to think quickly on his feet to deal with or get around any obstacle to achieve his objective.


Good choice for Dalton. That would be mine too.


Strongly agree,but I think he enjoyed “Never Say Never Again” even more
He was obviously in better shape, and was demonstrating that the role was still his,regardless of who was producing.


Follow with each actor.
Sir Sean FRWL Meeting Tania wearing nothing but a towel and his PPK.
George OHMSS Knife throw to Marc Ange’s calendar(Scene adapted from novel)
“I’m superstitious”
Sir Roger SWLM Closing scene “Keeping the British end up”
T.Dalton LD “Stuff my orders! I only kill professionals.” This made me happy 'cause this line
demonstrated TD could play 007.
P. Brosnan GOLDENEYE Lifting and carrying Nat. out of tobacco field followed by Marines. Look at
the smile on PB’s face.
D. Craig CASINO ROYALE Final scene “My name is…” well you know


Some great suggestions so far. The only two I can think of to add are:

Connery during the clay pigeon shooting scene with Largo. “Looks terribly difficult / no it isn’t, is it?”

And similarly…

Moore’s pheasant shoot with Drax in MR: “You missed, mister Bond”. “Did I?”


Good idea.

  1. Bond and Vesper arriving at the Grand Canal to David Arnold’s City of Lovers.

  2. “Welcome to Scotland.” I just love the entire Scotland set finale of Skyfall but Albert Finney nailed that line.

  3. Pretty much the entirety of Moonraker.

  4. Bond and Leiter parachuting into Leiter’s wedding.

  5. Bond arriving at the casino in Macau, brought in by Deakins’ amazing lighting and photography.


So many good ones here. Trying to find some that haven’t been mentioned. Apologies if the golf game has been but I would add that to the list.

Personal favourite - the spinning Rolex from LALD. My first ever Bond film so was gaga all the way through. And now as an adult, when he taps the watch, it’s the touchstone moment for me.

Also, the credits of CR. I was never hostile to the casting of DC, but that said, I’d offer that the Kleinmann’s sequence should have helped assuage any skeptic out there.


I have -like all of us- many favourite moments, but these are the one’s from my three favourite Bond movies:

  • Moore shooting with his Walter PPK, while standing under that arch, hitting Locque and ending with the line “I believe you left this with Ferrara!” kicking Locque’s car over the cliff from Eyes Only
  • The beach scene with the Buggies and ending with the “Goodby Countess!” line from Eyes Only.
  • The freefall from Moonraker
  • The Lotus chase and underwater fight from Spy
  • The ski jump from Spy

What a nice idea

  1. Bond, Fiona Volpe, a bathroom, a pair of shoes - bliss
  2. Any time, and every time, the 007 theme hoves into view. Into earshot. I do miss that.
  3. The slightly sweaty, weird noir feel of Dr No when watched in black and white. (Not a scene as such - but to narrow it down, say the Professor Dent shooting; even crueller in monochrome. Magic).
  4. Jaws stalking whatever-she’s-called through the Rio carnival whilst dressed as a dog-thing
  5. The invention of snowboarding. It makes me happy, even if it’s really daft.

1- The Gun barrel. It means the wait is over and I’m about to enjoy 2 hours + of my favorite entertainment.
2- The way George swaggers down the hallways of the Palicio and Piz Gloria. That’s how I would project if I had the gig.
3- Like several others here, the entirety of DAF. You never forget your first.
4- It’s a little thing, but the way Roger kicks up a scuff of sand as he runs from the Mujaba club to the back of Jaws’ van. It assures me that the rest of the film is going to unfold just as it always has.
5- Roger arrives in Rio. I had been there in the winter of 77, and watching him cruise Copacabana to John Barry’s lush choral work is like a home movie for me.


This :clap:

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