Alex Rider TV Series in the Works



My question is, where can I watch it? Can’t find anything about TV channel, streaming service, etc. that’ll carry the show.

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Well what are they waiting for, an engraved invitation?!?!? :wink: Seriously, can’t wait for the announcement. This looks pretty damned good.

Amazon going all in on Spies it seems;

Alex Rider has a home - and a VERY close release.

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The series is now available.

I’ve just started episode 4, and its leaning into the similarities between the plots of Point Blanc and OHMSS - there’s a even a moment at the end of episode 3 that’s an identical shot to the reveal of Piz Gloria.

Looks like it’s only on Prime in the UK. US release and other countries still to be announced.

That’s a shame.

To be fair, the books already owed a lot to both Fleming and the film series. So any adaptation was bound to go in a similar direction. Will be interesting to watch this when it pops up here.

Did some digging, and it will be shown on Amazon Prime in other markets too, Amazon just havn’t said when yet.


This series so far definitely shares the books loving attitude towards both.

Particular favourite is the title credits have an eye opening and an explosion around the iris.

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Good to know! They were unspecific on their Facebook page when asked about US release. Hope it’s soon.

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This outfit rings a bell for some reason…

I took a photo of my tv, the actual show isn’t that low grade…even slightly.

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Episode 7 takes it’s hat off to fellow Bond love child Inception, before going back to OHMSS.

Finished the series (yes, I watched it all in a day) and loved every minute of it. It’s a bit more adult than it’s source material, but it never feels forced. More importantly for here - Bond fans will get so much out of this, as it is filled with references to Bond films and novels, as well as other Bond adjacent work, from start to finish, in a way that never seems laboured, always loving.


I can’t do another post, so I’ll add Horowitz and Green discussing the adaptation to my own thoughts on it.

Sony funded it all themselves rather than cost sharing with a network/streamer, and asked Eleventh Hour Films - the company run by Horowitz wife, Jill Green - to make it.

VERY Appropriate, given Horowitz used their son to get get the voice of Alex.


And now Alex Ryder goes to India…

(Thanks to @Orion for noting)


Looks like it’ll be on IMDb TV in the U.S.

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That means commercials then. Not so while it was on Amazon Prime.

Finally!!! Wonder why not Amazon prime?

IMDb probably paid more

Rgr! Wonder if I even get that.