Argyle (Matthew Vaughn and Henry Cavill, 2024)

Marv studios making another spy series, again with Matthew Vaughn directing. Cavill and Samuel L Jackson are currently the only cast from other Vaughn productions (No Fletcher, Flemyng or Strong!?!!?)

I find it interesting that there was almost a world where Casino Royale had that byline


Does anyone have any details on the book? Nothing on Amazon nor Google.

It’s not out till next year.

Conway’s debut thriller is scheduled to be published in a major launch in 2022 by Transworld Publishers Ltd, a division of Penguin Random House.

That’s all I can find on it.

Orion, that’s all I found as well. Hoping for some sort of blurb…

Looks as if that debut novel was sold simultaneously to publisher and Hollywood. Happens from time to time, everybody’s out to discover the next big thing.


Going by the “major launch in 2022” - it’ll be next year…apart from…

Very interesting. That cast is pretty amazing!

This could be interesting

Can’t find anything online about the book or the author. Really interested in reading more about the book.

The movie…

…and the book.

Release date: September 29

A luxury train speeding towards Moscow and a date with destiny.

A CIA plane downed in the jungles of the Golden Triangle.

A Nazi hoard entombed in the remote mountains of South-West Poland.

A missing treasure, the eighth wonder of the world, lost for seven decades.

One Russian magnate’s dream of restoring a nation to greatness has set in motion a chain of events which will take the world to the brink of chaos. Only Frances Coffey, the CIA’s most legendary spymaster, can prevent it. But to do so, she needs someone special. Enter Argylle, a troubled agent with a tarnished past who may just have the skills to take on one of the most powerful men in the world. If only he can save himself first.


A little bit more plot in this article:



There’s no real substance to any of that article. It’s completely nebulous.

I pretty much ignore anything from Fandomwire when it turns up in my news feed. They’ll latch onto anything just to generate clicks. See also, GiantFreakinRobot.


Uneasy with funky choices?

As if those had not been triple-checked after everyday‘s rushes.

“He plays a secret agent suffering from amnesia who is tricked into believing he’s a novelist.”

I guarantee you this is the answer to the supposed first time author Ellie Conway and her debut novel “Argylle” and why she doesn’t seem to exist - it’s somehow a part of the movie’s storyline…


Are you suggesting a director who started his career as a producer and is producer on all his own films and is producer of other films wou…



Can’t look at Cavill’s haircut in this without remembering Jim Carrey in Me, Myself &Irene.

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So, is Argylle Matthew Vaughn’s replacement for the Kingsman franchise? If so, what a senseless waste…