Blanche Blackwell, Ian Fleming's mistress – obituary

Blanche Blackwell, who has died aged 104, was the mother of the record mogul Chris Blackwell, the mistress of Ian Fleming and one of the last survivors from the age when some 20 families ran Jamaica…

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Sad news. I think she really made Ian happy again in his final years in Jamaica. It’s strange too as I was thinking about her the other day and wondering how she was doing, knowing she was well over the 100 mark.

Frankly, I wasn’t even aware she was still alive; so many of Fleming’s contemporaries were gone for so long.

That’s how I felt when just last year Peter Janson-Smith died. I’d assumed he died ages ago, but he was apparently quite young when serving as Fleming’s agent.

Yes, he’d have been about 34 or so when he became Fleming’s literary agent in 1956. Janson-Smith was born in 1922. He had a good, long and productive life, I’m glad to be able to say.

She was in Everything or Nothing (2012) :wink:

Yes, I remember seeing her first of all interviewed in a really good Channel 4 documentary on Fleming’s life called The Real James Bond (2002).