Bond 25 wishlist


If the script calls for parity with Craig in age/build, then I vote for Viggo Mortensen.

He’s around 9 years Craig’s senior, but looks pretty good for it and he’s an excellent actor.

He was particularly great in the Cronenberg movies Eastern Promises and History of Violence.

He could be the Shaw to Craig’s Connery!


Given the heavy speculation starting up in the Bond 25 news thread, I felt now was a good point to bump up this thread.

To go with speculation, I suspect Strong is playing another OO, possibly even the new OO7. This thought led me to thinking that maybe Bond is a suspect as a traitor when information only senior staff and OO’s are privy to gets leaked. Bond is the prime suspect as the only agent to have retired rather than beeen retired continuing what Bond says in CR about the OO’s having a very short life expectancy. Strong would be a red herring as to who the real traitor is (in my head Tanner would be the best choice, but that’s because Kinnear’s Iago was incredible)


Would be a reasonable direction to go considering in one of the many drafts of Spectre, Tanner was supposed to be the mole inside MI6 working for Bloferhauser.


It would still be a great idea indeed.


I think it would have been a better idea had they actually spent time building the Bond/Tanner friendship from the novels. The current Tanner comes across as just another bureaucrat who just happens to be a bit more friendly with Bond than the two M’s and virtually everyone else in the British government.

And also with the current rebooted films relying heavily on the idea of betrayal from within (Vesper, the suspicion of Mathis, M’s “betrayal” of Silva, etc.), and with the concept being the absolute cornerstone of the Mission: Impossible films, I’d like to see a spy film without a mole from within doing the dirty work of the villain for once.


True. In that regard, let’s hope this was not Boyle´s big winning concept.


I would tend to doubt that wouldn’t be Boyle’s grand idea. I can’t imagine that EON would shift everything to go with this supposedly radical idea if it happened to be something that they’d done in almost every single film since the current regime took over.

Then again, maybe that means that it is the great idea. Who knows. :wink:


I do get what you mean, and that was certainly my first issue with it as an idea, the idea of the traitor is VERY common in the Spy genre as a whole, Bond features it in 12/24 films off the the top of my head to some degree and, as you say Mission Impossible uses it as a cornerstone for the series. It essentially stemmed from my own thoughts of 1) Strong is probably not the villain (at least not the primary antagonist) 2) curiosity as to how other spies would react to Bond actually reaching his 50’s in a profession that has a notoriously short life span


I was just replying to the Tanner as a traitor idea. I think there could be some mileage to be had out of examining where they examine Bond being in his 50s in a profession that generally doesn’t see people reach that milestone.

The idea of him being tracked by another 00 agent is one I’ve advocated for before as well. It was something that I think they could have used to significantly improve Die Another Day instead of having brought Bond back into the fold so quickly after his escape from MI6 custody following his prisoner exchange from North Korea.


Actually it’s more, as every Bond film has featured a traitor somewhere since For Your Eyes Only.


Glad you liked my two main points though.


Bravo, that is a truly inspired notion!

Also, it fits the bill for boyles ‘big idea’.

Whatever the details of the plot, the idea that Bond is no longer bond and has to confront the new 00 in some way really is genius. Well done :clap:


As we are going with wishes, I’d like something akin to GF’s PTS. No brief, just Bond wrapping up an assignment and (purely for fun) maybe have Craig carrying it out in workman coveralls and then, having made his escape, unzipping out of it to reveal the tux or at least a smart suit and casually strolling into a bar or restaurant. Granted, we got that in a way with Spectre with the blink-of-an-eye switch from his Day of the Dead garb to the suit, but still it would be fun. Or, better still, revealing him in RN Commander’s uniform.

Hopes and dreams all. :wink:


Craig in the Commander’s uniform would be a real fan/geek moment.

I don’t want to get my hopes up, but I’d really love to see it.


I’d love a henchman come back for one last go at Bond and the girl after the main business is done with, like we got from Diamonds to Golden Gun.:nerd_face:


The Guy Hamilton move!


Genuinely made me giddy!


I miss ‘the guy hamilton move’ - i used to love that.

Marvel’s post credit scenes remind me of that ‘little bit extra for your money’ feeling i got from those Bond movies.


Technically that started with OHMSS. Goldfinger is even a precursor to this with Operation Grand Slam defeated and Bond on his way to the White House when Auric shows up one last time. I like calling it the “Guy Hamilton Move.”


The topic of off screen couples being in films together came up on the Bond 25 news thread, and is this a related opinion on speculation I thought it was better here than the news thread. @secretagentfan @odd_jobbies Jade Pinket Smith had the same feelings as you on this subject. She did end up playing the role, and the pair were fantastic (it is one of those rare films that features an actual acting performance from Will Smith) so I’d put them in the same category as I had with Craig & Weisz in their 2 collaborations, but it’s certainly interesting to see parts of the couple having those exact same concerns. Is this something we overlooked in this speculation - Does Weisz WANT to be in a Bond movie with Craig?